Tone Setters: Why some pieces always tie together perfect outfit

For every woman who believes that they need an endless budget, personal trainer, personal assistant or personal shopper to look the part of elegant, effortless and chic when it comes to their style and subsequent wardrobe, you’re missing out on a huge message regarding fashion.

You don’t need any of them to succeed in having the style you want.

What you need is to keep an eye open for a variety of fashion pieces that aren’t going to break the bank or be difficult to find even but rather are anything from accessories to shoes and everything in between that, when worn, make you look fabulous to the point where you don’t really even look like you’re trying all that hard, if at all.

And if there’s one element of fashion we all strive for is to make the average woman look like a million bucks without spending nearly that much.

The great equalizer is that one top, bottom, shoe or product that takes the mundane, the average and makes it look that much better, minus the huge overhead the runway models don’t need to worry about (they just stand, change, walk and repeat, right?).

Let’s start with the bottoms, specifically pants and skirts.

As for the latter, patterns are in and back for good it seems. The bolder the more beautiful and better, and as much as we want to shy away from horizontal stripes, you should incorporate those in every skirt, particularly the fashionable maintain that is the longer version that hugs the hips and ends at the ankles, just before the heel of the shoe.

Pants are aren’t nearly as tricky as you think since jeans are always a must, but please make sure you’re wearing the kind that actually fit. No matter what size or shape you are, the jeans should fit snug (not too tight, though). Nothing is going to bust up a beautiful wardrobe more than jeans that hang off you or look as though they’ve be worn far too often, separate from the rips and tears that typically you’ll see on jeans that are intended to be there.

And as long as you’re talking about jeans and skirts, high heels are always a must since they’re being paired with anything these days. High heels have that ability to transcend all other shoes as being good for the dressed down look but also debut nicely with a dress for a more formal approach to your look.

Striving for a wardrobe that is something you’d see at fashion week is fine, but unrealistic. What needs to happen is finding a few pieces that are perfect tent poles for the closet of your dreams.