Straight Jacket: Why your winter attire doesn’t have to be drab

When thoughts turn toward colder temperatures and you begin leafing through your outerwear and realize what you have is better kept behind closed doors, you might be inclined to find the perfect winter jacket that is a combination of warmth and wonder, fashionable and sleek, yet practical at the same time.

That might be quite a tall order when you consider trying to meld a coat that keeps you warm and doesn’t look as though you’ve put on 20 pounds or too puffy for its own good. leaving you warm, albeit challenged quite a bit from a style perspective.

Braving the elements shouldn’t mean you have to give in as far as fashion goes, and maybe, just maybe, if you can find the right jacket at the right price and with keeping toasty and looking terrific in mind and all in the same breathe, you’d consider that a huge win for your winter wardrobe.

The Puffer Jacket, as its known, is one of those coats that has managed to give women all they could possibly want out of a jacket from every perspective you’d imagine: style, warmth, fashion, etc.

The Puffer Jacket was made with universal appeal in mind, starting with not only the lining but also the fact that it’s made to be worn a bit more fitted and in a bevy of styles and colors that make it look more like a fun, fashionable top rather than a cumbersome coat.

In addition to the Puffer Jacket, you also might want to consider the military style jacket that is also sweeping through the stores and hitting the racks for this season. The coat might be a bit off putting at first, but it’s unique look and feel makes it much more lauded and beloved than you’d think.

And as long as you’re trying to make winter more fashionable, why not also look at other accessories and clothing pieces that can do just that?

Take for instance the ankle boots, a trend pulling away from what normally would be knee high boots for this time of year. The ankle boots are becoming increasingly popular and visible in the winter months, and even the white ones (who still believes that white after Labor Day comment, anyway?) are totally on the table for any winter ensemble.

Just because the weather takes a cold, harsh turn for the worse doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to. You can stay warm and dry, while not losing the smallest of style steps in the process.