Plaid Out: Plaid shirts for Fall are in but do you really care?

When you think plaid shirts, what comes to mind?

Perhaps you harken back to the mid to late 1990s and guys who couldn’t help but wear them all day, every day as a salute to grunge music and its heyday. Maybe plaid is often synonymous with flannel shirts, again for guys, and wanting to layer for the Fall and winter months and that article of clothing to wear over a thermal and under a huge, thick winter jacket.

But the question remains, what about plaid shirt for women?

Surely, you jest, right? Well, not so much and certainly not when you think about fashion for the Fall and would be winter months on the horizon.

Plaid is playing on the first team this Fall with an array of colors and styles that are finding their way into the closets of women around the world. What once was perceived as a patter that was fit for a king, has now started to take shape as the queen of style and fashionable wear this season.

Will anyone seem to care, given that they don’t exactly give off the vibe of being overly welcoming at any point other than inside the house to keep warm?

You’d have to assume that plaid and the flannel movement that is happening will resonate with women on some level, if for no other reason than practicality. You need, however, to be reminded to ditch the stereotype when it comes to plaid and flannel shirts.

What you can’t fall victim to is believing in your heart of hearts that plaid and flannel are big, bulky and disgusting tops that you only wear if the heat is broken at home. Retailers that are renowned such as H&M and Land’s End have carefully crafted plaid designs and flannel shirts with women certainly at the forefront.

These designs are not only flattering patterns but also have a specific, sleeker fit to them if you want something that is warm, cozy but doesn’t look like you’re donning a glorified robe in the process.

Sure, plaid might not be the style for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t welcome it with open arms when the weather is cold and for the upcoming winter months. That isn’t to suggest that you’ll be rocking plaid and flannel for the foreseeable future or every day for that matter, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a second look and tossing aside those predispositions to put plaid out of sight and mind.