woman's nails manicure with cats

Hot Summer Nail Styles

The nail polish industry has been booming the last few years. I like to think this is because a sleek smart phone has become a girl’s new favorite accessory. When you whip out your iPhone when you’re at a patio lunch with coworkers or out for happy hour cocktails, everyone is going to be looking at your fingers. The next time you’re getting a manicure, be sure to look into these hot summer nail styles.

Hot Manicures for Summer 2013

• Foil Manicure: We could easily see Katy Perry rocking these. With a foil manicure, you get a base coat and then tiny pieces of shiny, rainbow-glistening foil layered on top. It’s basically like a nightclub party happening right on your nails. You can do this yourself, but it might be a bit tricky.

• Holographic Nails: 80s influenced fashion has been back, and now we’ve got holographic nail polish. It’s offered by SuperBlack and comes in five different shades. If you stare hard enough, you might be able to see the future, but most people will think you’re just really trendy. A similar style to try is ultra-glittery nails.

• Japanese Nail Art: Spa Nail is an influential Japanese nail salon chain, and they just opened up their first salon in New York City. Spa Nail is known for turning your nails into artwork. Their basic style is very multi-dimensional and layered adding colors, beads, and crystals. It’s partially inspired by a water painting technique called Tarashikomi. Fashionistas will want to learn where they can get a manicure like this right away, as everyone is going to be rocking these kinds of nails in the next few years.

• Chalkboard Polish: This new style is one of the numerous trends spawned from Pinterest, where making everything look like an old-school chalkboard is in. Now you can do this to your nails. First, a black matte polish is put down and then you or your favorite salon technician use a colored chalk pen to write and doodle on your nails. Finally, it all gets sealed with a topcoat. You can either style your nails to be more childlike or get more provocative.