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Fashion Weak: How to strengthen wardrobe with minimal effort

When you think about cities that show the world just how amazing fashion can be, what comes to mind?

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Paris are all bona fide winners in the field of trendsetting and being host to one runway trot after another as part of anything from Fashion Week to a simple jaunt to showcase what works from one season to another.

But when you watch those fashion shows or take a gander at a runway model on the cover of a magazine or for you internet gurus on any number of fashion web sites or blogs, you can help but feel as though those certain looks or specific wardrobes might just be as unattainable as a modeling contract itself.

The truth is that anyone who understands fashion knows that a few key pieces can turn the mundane wardrobe into one that is coveted and lauded as being lavishly stunning and yet simple in the very same breath.

From the plain white T shirt to the pea coat, you don’t have to be rich or a runway model to have the type of wardrobe that is equal parts versatile and creative, minus the hefty price tag.

And that’s no joke about the plain white T shirt, which is so amazing and yet so plain: you can dress it up or down and never miss a beat. The dressing down part is simple as it can be paired with fashionable sweats or even some jeans, but if you add a navy blue or black blazer (another must have that is affordable), you’ve suddenly created a look that isn’t too casual for a night out.

From tops to bottoms, when was the last time you check your leggings inventory, more specifically if you have two very important types: black and black leather. The former is comfortable and can be disguised as dressy in a pinch, while the latter won’t be confused with workout clothes but yet can be as dressy or downplayed as you want.

As for your footwear, the common denominator is boots, namely two different types. The ankle boots are incredibly stylish at the moment and paired with leggings or jeans is a remarkable, renowned look on the go. The knee high boots also haven’t lost much steam in the women’s fashion marketplace, so don’t be afraid to go leather with the brown pair and suede with the black ones, two staples that piece together any aspiring closet.

Fashion doesn’t have to be about thousands of dollars or a tremendously deep wardrobe. Fashion can start with a few pieces that turn a handful of outfits into dozens as you build on and up from that solid foundation.