East Coast vs. West Coast: Beachwear

There’s long been a coastal rivalry between the East and the West, which extends far beyond Biggie and Tupac. It dates back to those who wished to stay where our nation was founded and those who wanted to go on an adventure, trying their luck out West. For fashion purposes, it’s also extends to beachwear. We looked at the hottest swimwear earlier this summer, but now let’s break it down by region.

East Coast

If you’ve ever visited New York or Boston, you know people there take a very direct, no-nonsense approach to life. Beach combers like to look cool and chic, but looks there are very functional and more serious than their West coast counterparts. Overall, you’re also likely to find people more covered than in the West.

On the East coast, you’ll see lots of metallic shades in all swimwear and beachwear; they like a more severe look out there. More sporty influences are also the rage (try out a crop top the next time you’re headed to the beach). Classic, retro wear is another in option. Those on the East coast looking to show their sexy side a little more go with cutouts. These are one-piece suits that show skin without revealing everything.

West Coast

When those first pioneers started out West, they didn’t know what they were going to find and prepared themselves for adventure. This same sense of bold fearlessness is still alive on the West coast where people like to be casual, fun, flirty, and playful with all their clothes. Everything tends to be tighter and more form fitting while bohemian vibes abound.

Let your inner bohemian girl go wild with crochet accents at the beach this summer (just remember to water test first). Fringe and ruffles are also very big on the West coast this year, which is definitely something you would rarely see on the East coast. West coast style is a little louder, so you’re going to see a lot more graphics this year out there than on the East coast. Besides flower child prints, fashionistas are rocking all sorts of crazy prints and graphics.