Dress Fitted: Why buying clothes is so outdated

What if you could have an endless closet at  your disposal? What if all the latest women’s fashion trends no longer had to be unattainable but instead could be at your fingertips?

Turns out, you might already have that and don’t even know it.
The fact is that you might have what appears to be an endless supply of clothing but nothing to wear, but one web site, backed by a celebrity, is about to try to change all that.

Say hello to Finery.com.

The web site, backed by actress Brooklyn Decker, is about to take hold of your wardrobe and start showing you just how much accessible and amazing pieces of clothing and outfits you have, minus the frustration of not knowing what is available to you.

How the site works really is quite futuristic in the world of fashion: basically, it tracks what you buy based on your receipts. It takes what you have, recommends what you might need to be able to put together an outfit and then organizes your closet so you know what you have and how to wear it, most importantly.

Another highly redeemable element of the site that really helps is knowing that if you just recently bought something, anything from an accessory piece to bottoms, tops or footwear, that you’ll be notified if that item goes on sale elsewhere so you can return what you bought and get a much better deal for yourself.

The refreshing part is Finery.com isn’t about selling you clothing, even though that might come across at first glance. It’s more about using what you have, most of which is forgotten about and is that area in the back of your closet that might have a hidden treasure lost for now.

The average woman spends into the six figures for clothing throughout the course of their life, and take that into consideration plus the fact that you only wear about 30 percent or less of your entire wardrobe.

The simple math tells you that you’re not maximizing your wardrobe, what you have and the potential. The idea that you’re standing at the threshold of a closet that isn’t doing for you what it could is existing when you have a web site that is tailored to basically having a fashion meets financial advisor at your fingertips.

Not only can you save money, but you also won’t miss a beat if there’s something you already own that can add versatility and volume to what you’re about to wear.