Shirt Happens: How to make plain into perfection

Women know that, when it comes to fashion and clothing, that your dollar only stretches so far.

So if you can find places to stash cash in the form of buying a universally lauded product that can pull together several outfits but not cost a fortune, that certainly is ideal.

Anywhere costs can be cut and yet not fall victim to some sort of fashion misstep is a path most women would take in a heartbeat.
One of the best and easiest places to do so and not miss a beat: your favorite T shirt.

Yes, our old friend, the solid colored T shirt, is one that can be used just about anywhere in your wardrobe and paired with any outfit and can be done with a cost that is hardly prohibitive as far as being able to buy one $10 or $20 shirt and use it throughout a variety of different outfits for work, play or any occasion really.

Think about that casual outfit that you won’t to break out this weekend, but still want to maintain some semblance of style and not look as though you’ve relegated yourself to T shirt and jeans and nothing more.

The T shirt, solid color, goes great and wonderfully with denim. No, that doesn’t mean jeans, jean jacket and a T shirt should be the outfit of choice but instead taking that denim jacket, hardly outdated by any means, and putting it together with a set of pumps and a solid colored T shirt. In place of the jeans, think about putting a pair of capri pants with it or even a skirt that has some color and pattern to it.

That same T shirt can be placed under a blazer and paired with those jeans we wanted to hold off on using and either flat shoes or pumps for another look that makes casual Friday at the office hardly something that won’t turn some heads.

Another look that screams simply sexy is a T shirt paired with every girl’s favorite bottoms: leggings. You can pair the T shirt with leggings of the leather variety or even plain, Jane cotton and still have a look when you add heels and some sort of jacket that goes against the grain (maybe leather or some sort of cargo coat), and that look is both cost effective and gives your T shirt versatility.

Then again, what else would you expect from the wonder and awe that is the T shirt. It keeps things easy and laid back but certainly can be leveled way up to appease any look a women wants.

Summer Shoes


So, you want some new shoes for summer?  Summer is traditionally the time when one buys patent leather Mary Janes and white sandals.  But if you’d like something spring yet professional you need to perhaps think black patent leather stilettos.  Nothing is as spring as patent leather and it can be very professional if worn in a plain or women’s wing tip design.  Of course, I personally wouldn’t wear white, but black, nude or navy would do the trick.


Speaking of white shoes…I’ve only really seen white shoes on one sort of person, a nurse.  So, if you’d like to avoid that look and you are wearing white, do not wear white shoes.  Try a pop of color or a nude shoe to add trend to a traditionally spring look.  Actually, depending on where you live, you may want to avoid stilettos and go straight for a spring bootie.  There are some great designs out right now that are close to the foot and nude.


A great pairing for summer shoes is mesh hose like fishnet stockings.  In the south, women wear nude fishnets with nude shoes.  Its super cute and sexy.  A trick to make fishnets look spectacular is to wear fishnets OVER a pair of tight  nude hose.  It makes for a great finish and will be sure no skin bulges from the fishnets.  As long as the hose are nude, it doesn’t matter the design or pattern…it will be a spring look.  As with avoiding white shoes, also avoid white hose at all costs.  I don’t even know why manufacturers make them.  Of course, you can always go without hose.


Summersandals can be a ton of fun.  The trick is to find sandals that aren’t too summery.  Not that summery is an issue, but you want a nice spring sandal not a sloppy summer sandal.  It’s a thin line between the two.

The Price of Celebrity Clothing

Fans see celebrities in dazzling dresses, outrageous hairstyles and sparkling jewelry and they wonder how much celebs spend to look so gorgeous. The truth is that celebrities have seemingly endless supplies of cash, and therefore, they can buy clothes as if they are buying candy at a candy store. The following are the prices of some celebrity clothing and accessories:


Beyoncé wore a Balenciaga outfit to the BET Awards a while back that was so tight she could hardly breathe in it. The outfit consisted of a pair of leggings and a matching top. She had a pair of high-heeled golden boots on to match it. She spent over $100,000 for this one suit. While it was lovely indeed, most people’s entire wardrobes do not even cost a fraction of what she spent on one little sexy suit.

Emme Anthony

Adult celebrities are not the only ones who wear expensive clothing and accessories. Emme Anthony, daughter of Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony, was spotted a few years ago wearing a $300 dress with a purse that was worth $2,100. Suri Cruise, who is the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, has been spotted wearing outfits of the $600 persuasion.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is constantly in the news for getting into mischief with the police and such. However, he always manages to be highly fashionable no matter what he does. Justin is quite possibly the biggest spender as far as wardrobe goes. Just one of his shirts costs approximately $5,000. His pants and shoes are around the same price. The real gem is the necklace that he wears to special occasions. His Stewie necklace is one of his prize possessions, and it cost him $25,000 to have custom made. Not to mention his diamond earrings and his fancy haircut. A full Justin Beiber outfit cost approximately $40,000, and he can spend that much on his clothing any day of the week.

Celebrities spend thousands of dollars on their clothing so that they can present themselves in a fashionable light. Their hair stylist earn more than $10,00 per day trying adorn them with the most elite styles. Some celebrities may go overboard with the spending, but it is well worth the wow effect that they have on the masses. They only live once, and many of them are trying to enjoy every moment of their lives.