Fashion Staples: Why some men’s looks never get old

Guys, let’s face it, you should really care about what you wear, your overall wardrobe and trying to look as stylish at possible no matter your age.

The harsh reality, however, is that men might be more inclined to muddle through fashion or start heading in the wrong direction when it comes to what they’re wearing. No one wants to hear your argument about how socks with sandals isn’t that bad or your cut off T shirt works for you, even though you haven’t done a bicep curl since the 1980s.

That said, you probably have something in that black hole that is your closet that still works and is considered a timeless piece of fashion for men. If you don’t have these, you might want to consider building your wardrobe with these pieces as your backbone.

And for those of you thinking that this must have, timeless list is going to only include dress clothes or things you don’t wear on a daily basis, think again. That old, tired gray hooded sweatshirt probably needs pitched in the garbage, particularly if it is riddled with paint stains or rips. But a classic, clean looking hooded sweatshirt can be paired with delectable denim and some throwback sneakers for a superb look that you can rock no matter if you’re in your 20s or pushing 50.

Speaking of denim, your jeans aren’t going anywhere, any time soon. That being said, leave the stone washed or flared bottoms in the closet for good and instead find a boot cut or relaxed fit jean that does wonders for your style sense. Guys wearing jeans that are too tight and tapered leg is not a good combination. That style is more for young adults and teens, so if you’re in your mid 30s, steer clear of that look.

Polo shirts, sweaters and jackets are a little tougher sledding for some guys, since there is such an array of options. As far as sweaters, stick with the crew neck fare and skip the V neck, unless you’re upper torso is V shaped as well.
In terms of outerwear, the traditional pea coat is a winter wonder and marvel, and won’t make you look like you’re packing on the holiday pounds. It’s a sleeker, better look overall than the ubiquitous ski jacket and lift ticket stubs hanging from your zipper.

The polo shirt is fairly acceptable in most forms or fashion, but don’t just gravitate toward darker colors but rather mix and match with blues, greens and even a pink here and there.

These suggestions could save you from wearing the absolute wrong thing or just allow you to start from scratch and salvage what little style you have left.

Back to School Trends for Mini Fashionistas

A few weeks ago we looked at back to school trends for high school teens. But what about their younger sisters? I know we have plenty of budding fashionistas who read Fashion Business Today, so here we present some fashion-forward back to school trends for mini fashionistas. These trends are for girls who are daring and love to keep up with current style. In general, there’s one thing to remember – bold colors and patterns are definitely in.

Hot 90’s Chic

Take about 90 minutes to go watch Clueless. We’ll wait. The look that Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher rocks is very much back in. People are taking 90’s prep and grunge looks and turning it upscale. There are some key ingredients to the perfect 90’s look: a crisp, Oxford shirt, a classy blazer with bold coloring, and a patterned mini skirt. Just be sure to read your school’s dress code so your skirt isn’t too high on your legs. Knee high socks will help you stay warm on fall days, and they can be paired with Mary Jane’s or heels. See-through bags are very in this year and go perfectly with this look.

Classic American

One look that’s been building the last couple years is one that’s fun and a little retro (bonus: moms can feel good sending their young fashionistas to school in this look!). You can dress a little more boyish while still looking fab and cute. This look requires you to get a pair of Oxfords—very big this year—and some geeky-chic glasses. You can rock plaid pants or opt for a straight leg jean (high-waisted works too). A plaid or striped top or boyish cardigan in a bold color tops this look.

Glitzy Urban

Taking cues from Rihanna, starlets like Miley Cyrus have been dressing more urban. While Miley tends to look like she’s wearing a big diaper around these days, you can put together a look that’s wild, but works for school. No matter how crazy you go, you always want one article that’s plain and simple to hold it all together. I recommend going for a simple, gray or navy skirt. Now to get a little wild, grab some patterned, platform sneakers and a patterned bomber jacket. Opt for accessories with out-there patterns.