Women’s Holiday Shoe Fashions for 2015

The holiday season is just around the corner, and shoppers are starting to buy presents for their friends and loved ones. Women’s shoes is a hot category because women always want new shoes. No female will be dissatisfied with a new pair of footwear as a holiday gift. The following are a few hot shoe items that holiday shoppers can grab this season:

Huge Sale on Nike Running Shoes

Nike is a having a huge sale on women’s running shoes at this time. Women wear running shoes for jogging, visiting fitness centers, and even taking a break in the office. The Nike Virtuous line is a gorgeous and comfortable line of women’s running shoes that have vibrant colors and extra padding for people who have problems with their feet. The wine colored pair is currently on sale with a 31 percent discount. Early shoppers can pay $89.99 for the shoes instead of $129.99 by visiting the 2015 Shop Online website.

Long-Legged Boots

Quite a few new long-legged and knee-high boot styles have come about this season. Knee-high boots are excellent for keeping a woman’s legs warms in the winter time. They are attractive and can complement a dress or skirt, as well. The Belle Vita Esa Italy Tall Riding Boot is available for $249.95 at the Shoe Buy website. The boot comes in colors such as Dark Brown, Cognac and Black. The website offers free shipping and 20 percent off on a wide variety of shoes. Holiday shoppers can find a multitude of interesting footwear, such as the Fergie line of suede boots.

Dressy Dress Shoes

Famous Footwear has an array of classy and elegant dress shoes. Women need dress shoes so that they can go to job interviews, business meetings and the like. The Women’s Reanneal Dress Wedge shoes are $44.99 with a 25 percent discount. They only come with one color, which is black, and the black pair is the epitome of elegance.


Nordstrom has quite a few pairs of slippers that can provide the ladies with nighttime comfort. The Ugg Ansley slippers are a fluffy and comfortable pair that come in many vibrant colors. Some of the top color selections are Aster, Black, Cactus, Chestnut, Light Grey, Mahogany and Pine Suede. The Acorn Embroidered Slipper is a pair for women who appreciate an elegant night shoe.

The previously mentioned shoe choices signify only a small portion of the wide selection of shoes that is available for women.

Summer Sneaker Ideas for Women

Shoes are some women’s favorite part of the wardrobes. Such women spend a great deal of time and effort on creating the perfect wardrobe. Women like to buy shoes for work, dates, church meetings and just for fun. The “fun” shoes fall into the casual category. Casual shoes are sneakers, flip-flops and other shoes in which women can relax around the house or run errands. The following are some examples of recent casual shoe wear trends:

More Zippers and Buckles

Zippers and buckles are a huge part of the current casual shoe wear market. Women are starting to purchase sneakers that have both elements. Zippers provide the shoes with an edgy appeal, and buckles give them an extra layer of protection. Rivet sells an attractive pair of waterproof denim lace-up shoes for $20 through shops like AliExpress. They are inexpensive yet trendy enough for a person who is trying to keep up with the times.

A Crazy Amount of Canvas

Canvas seems to be the material of choice for female shoe wear. Women love the material because it is light and comfortable on their feet, and it provides them with a highly feminine appearance. Canvas sneakers come in various lengths, colors, sizes and more. Women can find canvas shoes at a wide variety of shoe stores. Canvas shoes are available through retailers such as Keds, Zappo’s and more. Keds is an American company that has been producing shoes for men and women for years. The Keds company launched in 1916 and is still thriving.

Chuck Taylors and Similar

Converse canvas shoes have played a huge part in the lives of men and women across the globe. Chuck Taylors are still a huge part of the fashion world for women. Shoppers appreciate the versatility and the stylish look of the Converse canvas sector. Women can find high tops and low tops in colors such as white, grey, cyan space, fire brick, bars and stars, electric blue and more. The prices vary depending on the stores that the women visit. Lady Foot Locker sells the sneakers for an average of $50, and their inventory is extensive.

Sneakers will always play a huge role in women’s lives, as casual shoes are an integral part of the wardrobe. The previously mentioned suggestions are just a few that females can try to enhance their collection and stay fresh in the fashion world.

The Best of High End Shoes in Spring 2015

Women are natural lovers of shoes, and many of them like to keep up with the latest shoe trends. High-end shoes have a habit of boosting the female morale in a way that leaves her coming back every new season to purchase the latest releases. High-end shoe manufacturers are always developing shoes that outperform the previous pair. The following are three new high-end shoe styles that will surely leave a dent in the fashion industry:

High-Heeled Shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti has been creating high-end shoes for more than 20 years. His latest collection of stellar women’s footwear includes a high-heeled masterpiece that is simply known by the number E50394. The E50394 shoe is elegantly crafted of genuine leather that complements the stiletto heel. The heel height is over 4 inches, which is an excellent height for women who want to receive a temporary sense of elevation. The woman’s toe will be enclosed in a blue overlap, and the back will be enclosed in leather. The price tag on the E50394 model is $1,695, and the company provides free shipping.

Gucci flats are for women who do not appreciate the feel of the high-heeled shoe. Flats are more affordable than stilettos are, but they still have a large amount of elegance. The Microguccissima shoe is a comfortable flat that can fit any occasion. The materials are crafted in Italy, and the shoes have rubber bottoms and a cord platform. The shoes retail for $395, and a woman can order them in beige, raspberry or black. They are suitable for casual dinners, business meetings, church gatherings and more. In fact, their versatility is one of the main reasons that women seek them frequently.

Versace Ankle Boots With Plexi Cut

The Versace boots with the Plexi cut are an innovative mix of stability and transparency. They have a slightly futuristic look to them, which makes them quite appealing. The boots are uniquely designed with a front zipper, a clear platform and a clear high heel. The rest of the boot displays square openings that will expose the woman’s skin or stockings. The shiny texture of the boots make them elegant and desirable. The price tag on the Plexi Cut ankle boots is $2,525, and they come in only one color.

The previously mentioned are only the beginning of the many offerings that manufacturers will present in the near future.


Popular Kids Sneakers That Fit the Budget

Millions of children’s shoes sell in the world every day. In fact, the children’s shoe industry is one of the most successful industries because children are constantly growing. Parents of school-age children have to purchase their children shoes constantly for church, school and playtime activities. The task can become expensive with all the competition that exists in today’s world. The following are some popular children’s shoes that are not too heavy on the wallet. Frugal parents can choose some shoes from this list if they want to maintain fashion without emptying their wallets:

Boy’s Airwalk Rec Skate Shoes

Skate shoes are extremely popular in modern society. Parents can grab hold of a pair of Airwalk Rec skate shoes for $22.99. The shoes are made of canvas material, and they come in an attractive black, white and lime arrangement. Payless Shoe Source offers them at their amazingly low price. Payless offers a promotional code that extends a 20 percent discount to its customers, as well.

Starter Harrison Fastener Sneakers

The Starter Boy’s Harrison Fastener sneakers are amazing because of their low price and their fastener feature. Parents can purchase a pair of these shoes for less than $10 for children who do not want to tie their shoes. The Fastener sneakers come in a navy, black and yellow arrangement, and they have a padded collar and footbed. Additionally, the sneakers have a mesh lining and a TPR sole. Walmart sells them at their location.

Reebok Kids Royal Alparez Sneakers

The 6PM website is an amazing place for finding deals on kid’s shoes. The site offers the Reebok Kids Royal Alparez sneakers in “happy” and “ultima” arrangements. The “happy” sneakers are a mixture of pink, white, metallic gold and Reebok Royal. The “ultima” pair is a mixture of purple, white, gold metallic and Reebok Royal. Both pairs can add a vibrant flair to a little girl’s wardrobe. The site is currently selling the shoes for $32.99.

Nike KD7

The Nike KD7 sneakers are available at Footlocker, and they are for parents who have a price range of over $100. The mesh shoes have an attractive aqua blue color with hints of yellow and black. They are new to the market, and consumers have rated them with five stars for their durability, quality and attractive color. The current price for the KD7 sneakers is $114.

Parents can search for coupons and promotional codes to provide them with additional discounts on sneakers for their children. The Internet contains a wealth of printable coupons and beneficial codes.

Brands of Sneakers that Mesh Style with Comfort

Sneakers are fun items for people of all ages to purchase. So many brands exist that it can be hard for a person to decide which style to sport. Current sneaker trends indicate that canvas, classics, and colors galore is the way to go for sneaker selections. The following are some of the best sneakers for people who are currently shopping for a new pair:

Canvas Converse All Stars

The canvas Converse All Star line-up has been rocking the nation for decades. Consumers can still find a myriad of low-cut and high-top All Stars of various colors at any participating sneaker retailer. Teens love them because of their vibrant colors, and adults love them for their comfort and nostalgic feel. Some of the colors available are pink, Celtic green, chocolate, bronze, white and burnt umber. The Canvas Converse All Star sneakers can complete any clothing color theme that a person can imagine.

Reebok Freestyle Hi for Women

The Reebok Freestyle Hi and Princess Cut sneakers are some of the most comfortable sneakers on the market. Walking in those sneakers is similar to walking on a cloud. Additionally, the Freestyle and Princess sneakers have an element of class. A woman can wear them to the gym and still get away with wearing them to work. Furthermore, this classic sneaker comes in white and black, which can go with any outfit.

DC Skate Shoes

Skate shoes are popular among teenagers and some adults who appreciate their fashion flair. DC makes several attractive skate shoes such as the plum colored DC Chelsea for women and the men’s Court Graffik SE pair. DC has an extensive line of unique and attractive leisure footwear. The company is in strong competition with the Vans company for the most fashion-friendly skate shoes on the market.

Nike Air Jordan Fusion 4

The Nike Air Jordan Fusion 4 sneakers are not the typical basketball shoes. They combine the features of several sneakers to create a comfortable and sturdy sneaker with a distinct look. The black and white Fusion 4 sneakers are elegant enough to wear with business casual attire, and the alternative colors can certainly go on a man’s feet for a first date. The most popular colors are the prominently white ones and the prominently red ones.

Manufacturers will always crank out new sneakers, but the ones mentioned in this piece will withstand the test of time and keep dazzling new generations of sneaker lovers.

The Hottest Shoes for Summer 2013

We’re officially at the start of summer now; showing some leg is becoming a necessity for style and comfort, drawing plenty of attention to shoes. If you’re looking in your closet and don’t see anything you like or don’t know what’s stylish this summer, we’re here to help. Here are a few styles that are going to be very hot this season.

Popular Summer Styles This Year

  • Black and White: A post-Memorial Day style, shoes that are both black and white are very in this year. You can find a more pump, but black and white shoes will be available in pretty much any style this year. Just be sure to put them back in the closet when Labor Day comes.
  • Bold Colors and Prints: A bold red or orange will be good for the office, but consider going wild with a floral print when you’re out on the town; floral heels and other shoes were everywhere in spring 2013 runway shows. They can be worn with a neutral outfit or even with a contrasting floral print.
  • Neutral Nudes: Kate Middleton popularized the nude pump; you can expect them in leather and even suede this summer.
  • Booties: Short booties were incredibly popular this spring, and you don’t have to pack them away this summer. Just don’t wear them to the office.
  • Aggressive, Strappy Shoes: It could because of Fifty Shades of Grey, but shoes with a bit of bondage in them are popping up everywhere. You’ll see shoes with lots of straps and even ones covered in spikes in. Some of the more extreme looks won’t be for everyone, but even the less daring should try to get a little adventurous.
  • Platforms: Platforms usually get most of their use in the winter months, but they’re coming out in a lot of summer styles this year. Remember when shopping for platform shoes that your toes should remain inside the shoes at all times. If they hang out, then you don’t have the right size.
  • Oxfords: Women’s shoe styles tend to get more masculine in winter, but Oxfords are taking hold this summer. Take a break from floral heels and rock a pair of Oxfords with a summery colored sole.