Hairstyles: Looking great on a budge

The price of hair maintenance is always rising, which makes keeping up appearances difficult for females. A cut and style by a local beauty shop can cost as much as $100 depending on factors such as coloring and relaxing. The following are three ideas for women who would like to save money on their hair care. All three styles are easy to maintain, and they have a special element of allure.

The Female Buzz Cut

The female buzz cut is easy to maintain, and it costs less than $20. In fact, a woman who has a keen sense of precision could apply this style to herself. Many female celebrities have tried this hot new style, and they have received mixed responses from the masses. Examples of celebrities who have tried the buzz cut are Demi Moore, Sinead O’Connor, Charlize Theron, Amber Rose, Grace Jones and more. The success of a female buzz cut depends on several factors such as the femininity of the female’s facial features and the size and shape of her head. Not every female can wear a buzz cut gracefully. Unfortunately, the only way one can find out is by trying it.

The Ponytail

The ponytail is one of the oldest and most elegant hairstyles in the world. Any woman with more than a few inches of hair can purchase rubber bands or colorful ouchless ties to hold her hair neatly in place. A ponytail can bring out a woman’s beautiful eyes or other facial features that long bangs and thick hair can sometimes hide. Just like the buzz cut, however, the ponytail requires a specific facial shape and size to carry over correctly. A ponytail is best for women with small foreheads and petite features. As far as frugality goes, the ponytail is one of the leading styles. The styling time takes less than two minutes, and the costs never go beyond the price of mousse and bands.

The Homemade Curly Q

Foam rollers can do wonders for a woman with long, short or medium hair. Women who like luxurious curls can learn to create their own homemade curly Q style. The style requires enough foam rollers to cover their heads and some wrapping or setting lotion to keep the curls firm. Some women can create the style by wetting their hair and then rolling it. Every morning, such females could take out their rollers and use their hands to separate the curls into the styles they desire.

Beautiful hair does not have to be expensive. Many women are resorting to frugal styles to help them stay within their budgets.

Fall Hair Trends

For me, choosing what I’m going to do with my hair is more stressful than picking out an outfit. Should I chop off my wild mane and go for a Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby-Vidal Sassoon-look or should I just go for the sock bun today? If you’re like me, then you might find some inspiration in these fall 2013 trends. These are all looks gathered straight from the runway.

Low Ponytails

Sometimes when I’m at work and getting stressed, it just has to be ponytail time, and I can get down to business. Even with a ponytail, there’s still a trendy way to do it. Ponytails right now should hang low around the nape of the neck. Some designers are emphasizing the looseness of the ponytail by having pieces frame the face while others have girly, playful tails or sharply parted ones.

Side Faux Bang

I’ve known plenty of women who stress over whether to go for bangs or chop them off like it’s a matter of life and death. This season, try a fake side bang by sweeping the hair over your face to create a low-hanging, side part. It’s cute and a little boyish, plus you don’t have to make a longish commitment to the dreaded bang.

Wet Hair

A huge runway trend this year was models who appeared to have wet hair. You get wet hair, or hair treated with product, then pair it with a beautiful outfit. If this seems a little sloppy, you can style the “wet” hair by twisting it, parting it, or combing it.

Messy Buns

Maybe I’ll just leave the socks for my feet as perfect buns are way out the door. Designers have carefully created natural, deconstructed buns this year. While you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed, a loose, messy bun is going to be seen all over this fall.

Untouched Waves

This really is the year of casual. Let your wild mane go free this year. Plenty of runway models were sporting looks where the waves were falling free of their previous spirals. You can achieve this look by doing a quick run with a very hot curling iron. There’s no need to go heavy on the hairspray either for this look.