Plaid Out: Plaid shirts for Fall are in but do you really care?

When you think plaid shirts, what comes to mind?

Perhaps you harken back to the mid to late 1990s and guys who couldn’t help but wear them all day, every day as a salute to grunge music and its heyday. Maybe plaid is often synonymous with flannel shirts, again for guys, and wanting to layer for the Fall and winter months and that article of clothing to wear over a thermal and under a huge, thick winter jacket.

But the question remains, what about plaid shirt for women?

Surely, you jest, right? Well, not so much and certainly not when you think about fashion for the Fall and would be winter months on the horizon.

Plaid is playing on the first team this Fall with an array of colors and styles that are finding their way into the closets of women around the world. What once was perceived as a patter that was fit for a king, has now started to take shape as the queen of style and fashionable wear this season.

Will anyone seem to care, given that they don’t exactly give off the vibe of being overly welcoming at any point other than inside the house to keep warm?

You’d have to assume that plaid and the flannel movement that is happening will resonate with women on some level, if for no other reason than practicality. You need, however, to be reminded to ditch the stereotype when it comes to plaid and flannel shirts.

What you can’t fall victim to is believing in your heart of hearts that plaid and flannel are big, bulky and disgusting tops that you only wear if the heat is broken at home. Retailers that are renowned such as H&M and Land’s End have carefully crafted plaid designs and flannel shirts with women certainly at the forefront.

These designs are not only flattering patterns but also have a specific, sleeker fit to them if you want something that is warm, cozy but doesn’t look like you’re donning a glorified robe in the process.

Sure, plaid might not be the style for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t welcome it with open arms when the weather is cold and for the upcoming winter months. That isn’t to suggest that you’ll be rocking plaid and flannel for the foreseeable future or every day for that matter, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a second look and tossing aside those predispositions to put plaid out of sight and mind.

Hottest Clothing Designers — All Price Ranges

People love to wear clothes from the designers that provide the trendiest and most reliable lines. Not all consumers share the same budget, however. Some consumers have limited money to spend on clothing while others have abundant riches for high-end fashion. Still, many consumers appreciate purchasing their clothing from top-notch providers. They like to go with the crowd’s flow sometimes. The following is a list of designers that consumers rate high for fashion at this time:

Best High-End Designers
The top high-end designer list still includes moguls such as Versace, Louis Vuitton and Valentino. Valentino has some red dresses on the market that could turn 1,000 heads. Valentino dresses are famous for covering the women who starred in the James Bond movies. The company’s newest line includes some see-through fashion, oriental fashion, and genuine leather handbags with alluring designs. The clothing from the previously mentioned three designers is for people who have no limits on the money they can spend for their wardrobes.

Best Mid-Range Designer
The best three mid-range designers on the market are designers such as DKNY, Kenneth Cole and Nicole Miller. The DKNY Company has lines of clothes that they market toward the younger crowd in the world. Kenneth Cole is a designer that provides clothing for business executives and so forth. Kenneth Cole produces a wide range of leather jackets, watches, suits and more. Nicole Miller has an inventory of hip and appealing dresses that today’s women appreciate. Nicole Miller dresses are appropriate for beach weddings, business engagements, formal events and everyday wear, as well.

Best Budget Clothing Designers
Budget clothing designers design the clothing that one would find at the local Walmart, Target or similar location. Examples of some of the top budget clothing designers are No Boundaries, Derek Heart, Energie and Sauci. The clothing from those lines range in cost from $6 up to $25 for one piece. Budget designers make clothing that can work well for business persons, fitness buffs and people who love casual wear.

Consumers can find out which clothes are trending by looking at a popular fashion magazine. The names of some of the top fashion magazines on the market are Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire. The magazines will offer information for getting fit and trim in today’s society, as well.


Color Blocking is Staying Popular This Fall

This summer, one of the hottest trends has been color blocking. Even the fraternity brothers you saw wearing sweatpants to class everyday in college are rocking a pair of salmon pants. Color blocking isn’t going away and will only be getting bigger this fall.

Color Blocking for Beginners

While color blocking is a must for any fashionista, it can be a pretty scary trend. Color blocking requires you to be bold, flashy, and draw lots of attention. If you are concerned about looking like a circus clown, start small. When you begin color blocking, start off by Googling the color wheel. Stay safe by going with colors you know are complimentary or colors that are in the same general family. Something you can also do is go with neutral colors paired with some bold metallic accessories.

Color Blocking Looks to Try

• Denim: Colored denim pants are everywhere these days and one of the hottest color blocked looks. Grab your pants and throw on a light-blue shirt and some neutral flats. You’re going to look really hot.
• Color Blocking at Work: I’ve worked in offices before where they want no-nonsense attire. You may have to tone it down, but color blocking can make work a little more cheerful. Mix a sleek, black look with some bursts of color. The black will keep the color toned down and professional, but still offer some fun.
• Clashing: This is a look to be tried only by seasonal color blockers. Grab two hues of the same color that are just slightly off from one another. You can add bold accessories to make this look even fiercer.
• Prints: Graphic, eye-catching prints are also big this year. You can combine two trends in one for a radical outfit. You want to start with the graphic piece and then choose colors to block it with. Neon and citrus tend to go great with prints. Since your clothes will be very bold, you’ll want to keep accessories and your makeup rather minimal.
• Pastels: A more basic color method is to block pastels with darker shades. This can work well at work or be used for a striking fall look.

Fall Hair Trends

For me, choosing what I’m going to do with my hair is more stressful than picking out an outfit. Should I chop off my wild mane and go for a Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby-Vidal Sassoon-look or should I just go for the sock bun today? If you’re like me, then you might find some inspiration in these fall 2013 trends. These are all looks gathered straight from the runway.

Low Ponytails

Sometimes when I’m at work and getting stressed, it just has to be ponytail time, and I can get down to business. Even with a ponytail, there’s still a trendy way to do it. Ponytails right now should hang low around the nape of the neck. Some designers are emphasizing the looseness of the ponytail by having pieces frame the face while others have girly, playful tails or sharply parted ones.

Side Faux Bang

I’ve known plenty of women who stress over whether to go for bangs or chop them off like it’s a matter of life and death. This season, try a fake side bang by sweeping the hair over your face to create a low-hanging, side part. It’s cute and a little boyish, plus you don’t have to make a longish commitment to the dreaded bang.

Wet Hair

A huge runway trend this year was models who appeared to have wet hair. You get wet hair, or hair treated with product, then pair it with a beautiful outfit. If this seems a little sloppy, you can style the “wet” hair by twisting it, parting it, or combing it.

Messy Buns

Maybe I’ll just leave the socks for my feet as perfect buns are way out the door. Designers have carefully created natural, deconstructed buns this year. While you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed, a loose, messy bun is going to be seen all over this fall.

Untouched Waves

This really is the year of casual. Let your wild mane go free this year. Plenty of runway models were sporting looks where the waves were falling free of their previous spirals. You can achieve this look by doing a quick run with a very hot curling iron. There’s no need to go heavy on the hairspray either for this look.

Gray is the New Neutral Color

I’m expecting to see lots of gray this fall, as it is now the new neutral color. Sure, the halfway point between white and black has always been a neutral color, but it’s super trendy right now. Gray used to be associated with gloomy, cloudy days and drab business suits, but gray has made a comeback. Gray can be a look all to itself or can do a fabulous job accenting other colors.

With clothes on the racks, you’re never likely to see a true neutral gray, but rather shades of gray: perhaps 50 or so. Sorry about that, but I had to. Anyway, you’ll most likely see either warmer or cooler grays. When looking at warmer grays, they tend to have a more yellow or browner look to them and sometimes can even look like beige.

A cool gray will have a slightly blue look to it, and will be a bit icy in appearance. They’re meant to be fierce and sharp. Now, you can stay with all gray or pair it with other colors. So what goes great with gray?

Pairing Gray With Color

• Yellow: Since some grays appear to have yellow undertones, you can get accent them with a bright yellow. This will make the gray appear brighter, like the sun popping out of the sky on a cloudy day. Gray and yellow is for a fun, flirty look.
• Green: If you favor a bohemian, earthy look, but want something less your mother’s Woodstock clothes and more chic, then pair green and gray. You’ll still show that you’re one with mother nature, but the look will be trendier than the standard green and brown.
• Pink/Coral: Usually pink is considered to be ultra feminine, too girly, etc. Pink is always cute, but not always trendy. If you add some gray, though, then that’s another story. You’ll look like a thoroughly modern and chic fashionista.
• Plum: Plum is a very eye-catching color when put against gray. You want a lighter gray to make the plum stick out or else it will all just be dark and drab.
• Pastels: While this is a fall fashion post, a pastel with gray is perfect in warm, summer weather. It gives the gray a bit of a fun spark.

Back to School Trends for Mini Fashionistas

A few weeks ago we looked at back to school trends for high school teens. But what about their younger sisters? I know we have plenty of budding fashionistas who read Fashion Business Today, so here we present some fashion-forward back to school trends for mini fashionistas. These trends are for girls who are daring and love to keep up with current style. In general, there’s one thing to remember – bold colors and patterns are definitely in.

Hot 90’s Chic

Take about 90 minutes to go watch Clueless. We’ll wait. The look that Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher rocks is very much back in. People are taking 90’s prep and grunge looks and turning it upscale. There are some key ingredients to the perfect 90’s look: a crisp, Oxford shirt, a classy blazer with bold coloring, and a patterned mini skirt. Just be sure to read your school’s dress code so your skirt isn’t too high on your legs. Knee high socks will help you stay warm on fall days, and they can be paired with Mary Jane’s or heels. See-through bags are very in this year and go perfectly with this look.

Classic American

One look that’s been building the last couple years is one that’s fun and a little retro (bonus: moms can feel good sending their young fashionistas to school in this look!). You can dress a little more boyish while still looking fab and cute. This look requires you to get a pair of Oxfords—very big this year—and some geeky-chic glasses. You can rock plaid pants or opt for a straight leg jean (high-waisted works too). A plaid or striped top or boyish cardigan in a bold color tops this look.

Glitzy Urban

Taking cues from Rihanna, starlets like Miley Cyrus have been dressing more urban. While Miley tends to look like she’s wearing a big diaper around these days, you can put together a look that’s wild, but works for school. No matter how crazy you go, you always want one article that’s plain and simple to hold it all together. I recommend going for a simple, gray or navy skirt. Now to get a little wild, grab some patterned, platform sneakers and a patterned bomber jacket. Opt for accessories with out-there patterns.