Dress Fitted: Why buying clothes is so outdated

What if you could have an endless closet at  your disposal? What if all the latest women’s fashion trends no longer had to be unattainable but instead could be at your fingertips?

Turns out, you might already have that and don’t even know it.
The fact is that you might have what appears to be an endless supply of clothing but nothing to wear, but one web site, backed by a celebrity, is about to try to change all that.

Say hello to Finery.com.

The web site, backed by actress Brooklyn Decker, is about to take hold of your wardrobe and start showing you just how much accessible and amazing pieces of clothing and outfits you have, minus the frustration of not knowing what is available to you.

How the site works really is quite futuristic in the world of fashion: basically, it tracks what you buy based on your receipts. It takes what you have, recommends what you might need to be able to put together an outfit and then organizes your closet so you know what you have and how to wear it, most importantly.

Another highly redeemable element of the site that really helps is knowing that if you just recently bought something, anything from an accessory piece to bottoms, tops or footwear, that you’ll be notified if that item goes on sale elsewhere so you can return what you bought and get a much better deal for yourself.

The refreshing part is Finery.com isn’t about selling you clothing, even though that might come across at first glance. It’s more about using what you have, most of which is forgotten about and is that area in the back of your closet that might have a hidden treasure lost for now.

The average woman spends into the six figures for clothing throughout the course of their life, and take that into consideration plus the fact that you only wear about 30 percent or less of your entire wardrobe.

The simple math tells you that you’re not maximizing your wardrobe, what you have and the potential. The idea that you’re standing at the threshold of a closet that isn’t doing for you what it could is existing when you have a web site that is tailored to basically having a fashion meets financial advisor at your fingertips.

Not only can you save money, but you also won’t miss a beat if there’s something you already own that can add versatility and volume to what you’re about to wear.

Straight Jacket: Why your winter attire doesn’t have to be drab

When thoughts turn toward colder temperatures and you begin leafing through your outerwear and realize what you have is better kept behind closed doors, you might be inclined to find the perfect winter jacket that is a combination of warmth and wonder, fashionable and sleek, yet practical at the same time.

That might be quite a tall order when you consider trying to meld a coat that keeps you warm and doesn’t look as though you’ve put on 20 pounds or too puffy for its own good. leaving you warm, albeit challenged quite a bit from a style perspective.

Braving the elements shouldn’t mean you have to give in as far as fashion goes, and maybe, just maybe, if you can find the right jacket at the right price and with keeping toasty and looking terrific in mind and all in the same breathe, you’d consider that a huge win for your winter wardrobe.

The Puffer Jacket, as its known, is one of those coats that has managed to give women all they could possibly want out of a jacket from every perspective you’d imagine: style, warmth, fashion, etc.

The Puffer Jacket was made with universal appeal in mind, starting with not only the lining but also the fact that it’s made to be worn a bit more fitted and in a bevy of styles and colors that make it look more like a fun, fashionable top rather than a cumbersome coat.

In addition to the Puffer Jacket, you also might want to consider the military style jacket that is also sweeping through the stores and hitting the racks for this season. The coat might be a bit off putting at first, but it’s unique look and feel makes it much more lauded and beloved than you’d think.

And as long as you’re trying to make winter more fashionable, why not also look at other accessories and clothing pieces that can do just that?

Take for instance the ankle boots, a trend pulling away from what normally would be knee high boots for this time of year. The ankle boots are becoming increasingly popular and visible in the winter months, and even the white ones (who still believes that white after Labor Day comment, anyway?) are totally on the table for any winter ensemble.

Just because the weather takes a cold, harsh turn for the worse doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to. You can stay warm and dry, while not losing the smallest of style steps in the process.

Graphically Aligned: When in doubt, go bold with graphic T’s

Few fashion items stand the test of time, to the point that they seem as though they’ll never even have a down period, much less vanish for years.

Fashion can also be quite cyclical, such as a particular style disappearing for decades before reemerging and christened as relevant again.

The items that have staying power, that have been part of your ensemble and wardrobe forever are quite rare, and when you see them in your closet while you’re whipping from one hanger to the next, you know that you’re always save when you pick this over everything else that may or may not be outdated.

One particular top that women gravitate toward and has been around for quite some time and shows no signs of slowing is the always lauded graphic T shirt. Even as the warmer temperatures begin to be replaced with colder ones, the graphic T is so universal and beloved that you can’t imagine life without it style wise.

Not only is the graphic T shirt part of just about every women’s closet around the world, but it’s picking up some serious steam as part of Fashion Week and is making serious headway on the runway.

Why is the graphic T so important to your closet, however?
Think of it like this. You can wear a graphic T shirt with jeans, but also pair it quite sincerely with capri pants and a black suit jacket for a look that is casual, fun and yet could easily be worn in an office setting on a dress down Friday.

The graphic T works with heels and sneakers, paired with suit or even part of a dress ensemble. The style options are endless, which makes the graphic T so incredibly versatile that you can’t afford not to have a few dozen in your closet.
What appeals to the masses, as well, is that they’re not always priced to the point that you can’t afford them, either. Some can be as much as $100 per shirt, but you’re more likely to settle somewhere in the $40 or $50 range on average. Truthfully, you could probably, if your budget was prohibitive, find a graphic T shirt that is $20 or less.

The graphic T in some ways is forgotten about when you get into talk about fashion and style, because quite frankly it’s a T shirt. That said, the popularity of them can’t be denied on so many different levels of acceptance, whether your Metallica T shirt is under a contemporary jean jacket or paired with jogging pants that simply work.

Tone Setters: Why some pieces always tie together perfect outfit

For every woman who believes that they need an endless budget, personal trainer, personal assistant or personal shopper to look the part of elegant, effortless and chic when it comes to their style and subsequent wardrobe, you’re missing out on a huge message regarding fashion.

You don’t need any of them to succeed in having the style you want.

What you need is to keep an eye open for a variety of fashion pieces that aren’t going to break the bank or be difficult to find even but rather are anything from accessories to shoes and everything in between that, when worn, make you look fabulous to the point where you don’t really even look like you’re trying all that hard, if at all.

And if there’s one element of fashion we all strive for is to make the average woman look like a million bucks without spending nearly that much.

The great equalizer is that one top, bottom, shoe or product that takes the mundane, the average and makes it look that much better, minus the huge overhead the runway models don’t need to worry about (they just stand, change, walk and repeat, right?).

Let’s start with the bottoms, specifically pants and skirts.

As for the latter, patterns are in and back for good it seems. The bolder the more beautiful and better, and as much as we want to shy away from horizontal stripes, you should incorporate those in every skirt, particularly the fashionable maintain that is the longer version that hugs the hips and ends at the ankles, just before the heel of the shoe.

Pants are aren’t nearly as tricky as you think since jeans are always a must, but please make sure you’re wearing the kind that actually fit. No matter what size or shape you are, the jeans should fit snug (not too tight, though). Nothing is going to bust up a beautiful wardrobe more than jeans that hang off you or look as though they’ve be worn far too often, separate from the rips and tears that typically you’ll see on jeans that are intended to be there.

And as long as you’re talking about jeans and skirts, high heels are always a must since they’re being paired with anything these days. High heels have that ability to transcend all other shoes as being good for the dressed down look but also debut nicely with a dress for a more formal approach to your look.

Striving for a wardrobe that is something you’d see at fashion week is fine, but unrealistic. What needs to happen is finding a few pieces that are perfect tent poles for the closet of your dreams.

Work Worn: How to dress down for office yet still look stunning

Most women assume that dressing casual at the office really doesn’t pertain much to them.

Sure, you have your days when “Casual Friday” means you can wear jeans, but not much else comes of a day like that for women who want to somehow slip Yoga pants or a sweat suit into their office wardrobe without anyone noticing just how comfortable their clothing appears.

In a sense, you’re simply trying to get away with dressing down, yet still looking the part on the days when you’d much rather be in your comfy clothes rather than donning a business suit, dress slacks or anything else from your closet that would be deemed cumbersome to wear.

This dream sequence of sort is just that, as women aren’t really believing the idea that you can somehow wear all the clothes you enjoy on your down time or when you’re off from work to work in place of other garments and clothing that only reminds you just how uncomfortable you are.

Now, if you’re the CEO of a company or have a job that requires that sort of wardrobe, chances are you’re stuck with all the pant suits you can handle.

But some jobs have a little bit of leeway when a power suit can give way to a little less of a dressy look but still with the expectation that you’d look as though you’re coming to work at a respectable office and not simply rolling out of bed.

So how exactly do you pull that one off?

One of the bigger women’s fashion movements is the jump suit, which is a one piece that is the epitome of relaxation but tends to come across as more laid back when it comes to wearing it at the office. Fashion experts will tell you that the jump suit is comfortable, for sure, but it needs a little help in being totally and fully accepted as an alternative to dressier clothes. You can pair the jump suit with a nicer jacket or blazer to throw over it (one that you’ll wear all day or you can take the jump suit and put on a shirt over top of it, such as a button up dress shirt.
Accessories also help when you’re trying to dress down and keep things classy at the workplace, so don’t be afraid to pair that comfortable outfit, jump suit or not, with a pair of high heels and jewelry, for example.

Dressing down doesn’t have to carry with it a negative connotation but rather should be more about centering on your creativity from a fashion sense so that you can have the best of both worlds: an outfit that looks like it belongs at work and peace of mind knowing you can be fashionable without all the fanfare.

Timeless Classic: Wardrobe staples make fashion that much easier

Not every woman has the luxury of being able to spot something on a runway at Fashion Week, and simply rush to the store and buy exactly as they see it in the pages of their favorite fashion magazine or online.

The truth is most of us need those series of clothing pieces or elements to our fashion attire that are universal, that can be worn with just about anything and help us also from a budget standpoint. You can’t imagine just how remarkable of a feeling it is when you purchase a piece of clothing and realize that the money spent didn’t only get you a remarkable item but something you can pair up or wear on its own for years and years to come, not having to worry about its fashion relevance whatsoever.

When you think about staples in your wardrobe, thoughts immediately turn to three items: tops, bottoms and accessories. That’s easy to identify those categories, but what exactly goes in them as far as timeless classics might surprise you, however.

As for the accessories, think jackets and other wear pieces that aren’t necessarily labeled as “coats” but something more along the lines of tracksuit tops and bomber jackets, both of which have some serious staying power to the point that they’ve become the epitome of style when you want to have that classic, comfortable look without looking sloppier than you’d like. And as long as you’re instituting comfort, why not look at the traditional throwback of the two-piece sweat suit. As much as you’d cringe to see someone wearing a one color sweatsuit (something you’d see your mom wearing to do sit and fit aerobics, perhaps), the idea behind this look is more along the lines of that track suit or exercise attire that looks the part and is well put together, with one color matches for both pieces with perhaps a little 1980s or 1990s flare with the color trim (think black track suit and white trim lines).

As far as the tops and bottoms go, the two pieces you want to be in your closet at all times: the classic white, button up dress shirt and the black leggings. The former pretty much speaks for itself and the latter is all about, again, comfort but also something you pop on to wear out or even to the office without any pushback from the masses.

You really could say that about all these examples: they’ll always be there for you and universally lauded and loved no matter what time, date or year you’re wearing them.

Fashion Rewind: Why the 80s are cooler then ever


What is old, often is rebranded, rechristened and transformed from cast aside to the hottest and most stylish trend women’s fashion has ever seen.

Much the same way pop culture has embraced everything associated with the 1980s, shoes, shirts, pants and accessories are no different as far as women’s fashion is concerned. The real highlight of that decade is the rebirth of just about everything 80s, even the type of clothing or trends that, even back in its heyday, would be considered odd and oft putting at best.

But that is what is so magical about fashion, how something can be lambasted and laughed at 30 some years ago yet return in the modern day runway or department store as being lauded and wanted by the masses and brought back to life to the point that it is utterly clamored for by all.

The best place to start is at the bottom, as in your jeans as those stone washed and acid washed (or varying washes of your choice back in 1980 something) looked hideous to some yet worn by most have marched their way one odd pant leg at a time back into the forefront. The acid wash look, notably better this time around in brighter colors, works well with the oversized sweatshirt, another staple from that decade.

And as long as you’re talking about jeans, why not continue the trend of the high waisted ones? That is another fashion staple that has made a stand and returned to form, along with pairing it with a thinner belt. And that acid wash look isn’t made just for the pants, either. The high waisted look also has migrated into the shorts market, too, with jean shorts making a serious comeback that would make even the most fashion conscious women stop and stare at just how not out of place this stylish staple truly looks.

We can all agree too that one accessory or piece of outwear that also didn’t seem all that great back in the 1980s was the windbreaker, this jacket made of a plastic material that was, in theory, supposed to protect you from the wind (hence the name). What popularity these jackets had quickly eroded when you started seeing them being given away at events with company logos on them.

But the windbreaker is back and being trotted out for a second go around, along with its 1980s (and into the 1990s) partner in crime: the fanny pack. These belt and purse hybrid is hardly just hype.

No matter if you were a teenager in the 1980s or in your mid 30s, you can’t ignore that you maybe quietly enjoyed this fashion and now can revel in the fact that it has returned even better, brighter and bigger than ever.

Summertime Blues: Why summertime fashion and work don’t mix

Summertime fashion is fun, exciting and allows you to get creative as the clothes lessen, the functionality and flavor that is warmer temperatures breeds a sense of style that is welcoming to the masses, not just the fashion experts who comb the runways looking for what’s in and what’s out.

The latter sentiment is a unique one as it relates to summer, and less clothing. More specifically, how do you handle the office, work and summertime, when you don’t have the option of layering up or wearing something that is a little more conducive to professional in the colder months.

It’s not secret that winter lends itself more to a business professional look, mostly because of long pants, blazers and long sleeved attire that is more make than break when it comes to fashion at the office and not sticking out like a sore thumb.

That sticking out means quite simply that you’re not wearing fashionable clothing to work during the summer.

What exactly is stylish for summer this year that allows you to fit in?

To answer that question, you might want to think about what isn’t appropriate.

For instance, the summer is all about short shorts, particularly this year but those aren’t going to get the job done at work.

Also not working at work is anything strapless or too revealing (such as a tank top) or showing off too much skin as a whole. That includes mini skirts and dresses that are far too short. As silly as it sounds, the two inch finger tip rule is fashion personified and if your skirt isn’t at that length before you leave for the day, a change is in order.

And even if that skirt or shorts are long enough, make sure your shirt isn’t longer than your pants. Giving yourself the feel and look of not wearing pants (even though you are) makes for a situation that is going to get you all the wrong looks at work.

This year, summertime style sets itself apart from the pack and it has more to do than just the nicer weather and warmer temperatures, but rather a flare for the flirty and free, centering on comfort and not constrictive.

But as much as summer sends all the right messages by the pool and on the beach, for the weekend getaways, you have to remember that the office and summer sometimes butt heads.

Fashion Trends That Can Sizzle the Chizzle

The weather in the December and January months is just plain cold in many areas of the world. Canada is one place the weather is atrociously cold. Even states in the United States like Florida are staring to experience cold winters. Fortunately, some apparel and footwear exists that can melt away the icicles with their stunning appeal and warm materials. The following are three fashionable pieces that can burn up a woman’s outfit so much that she will think she’s warm in 30-below weather:

Winter Cowgirl Boots

Winter cowgirl boots are a popular trend in the UK. They are boots that look like cowgirl boots on the outside, but they are packed with layers and soft, warm cotton on the inside. Some of the boots have buckets in the front and strings on the side, as well. The boots come in leather and suede options. A number of manufacturers create these awesome boots. Traders is one manufacturer that may carry such boots.

Pure or Naughty Downwear

A down-filled coat is one of the warmest items that any man or woman can wear in the winter time. However, a down-filled coat can still be attractive even if it is thick and bulky. An example of an attractive down-filled coat is the Mountain Hardwear Downtown model. The coat costs about $300, and it has nylon, down and various faux materials on it. The coat is long and goes past the woman’s buttocks. She can choose colors such as Pure White, Stone Green or Dark Raspberry.

Cutesy Winter Hats

Winter hats are another element that can accept a women’s already existing good looks. The Aliexpress website has a wide variety of hats that can bring out the beautiful colors in a woman’s eyes and the sparkle in her smile. Some of the hats have extremely low prices, as well. For example, a woman can purchase some fashionable knitted hats with adorable fluffy balls on top of them for less than $3 a hat. Colors that are available are colors such as red, white, yellow, purple, pink, brown and blue.

Thermal Underwear

Thermal underwear is an example of a winter garment that is personal but still attractive. The female may spend some time looking at herself in the mirror while she is wearing a red fur-lined thermal set from GlobalSaler site, for example.

Women can be cold and still be hot by adding some of the previously mentioned items to their wardrobes.

Women’s fashion can be Fit and Fabulous

When was the last time you went to the gym, wore your so-called workout clothes and had to be somewhere afterward that required you to change clothes?

Seems pretty annoying, right? You have to pack those gym clothes for after work and then go ahead and pack another set of clothes as well. Before you know it, you’re not carrying around a gym bag but rather a suitcase to get from point A to point B.

Furthermore, who doesn’t want to get to wear comfortable, gym like clothing all day every day without actually looking like you threw on your sweats or just wore your pajamas to the gym? Whatever happened to being able to dress down and yet still have your fashion acumen looking up for you at any given moment when you step in front of a mirror?

That doesn’t have to be the case with a new fashion look that is becoming equal parts trendy and stylish without compromising what you wear to the gym as far as not having to change afterward if you don’t need to or the ability to wear something comfortable yet still looking the part of someone who can meet a friend at a restaurant or out for a drink without standing out for all the wrong reasons.

The latest trend is the open back, soft top that is loose in the front and looks comfortable yet not messy and mostly is paired with workout slash Yoga pants and a sports bra.

Now, you’re probably thinking that you have a closet full of Under Armor, NIKE or Reebok gear and that is perfectly fine. While that’s true to some extend, they still look mostly like workout clothes. What this look allows is you to have a fun, fashionable look that doesn’t immediately remain you that the treadmill awaits.

And if you’re not swimming in expensive workout clothes, this look isn’t going to destroy your checkbook while you’re trying to expand your wardrobe with attire that is versatile. You also want to gravitate toward a colorful pairing, mainly with the sports bra being a vibrant choice, such as hot pink or a teal would go great with a light colored blue or grays, some color that doesn’t necessary stand out on its own. Black and gray work well as the colors of choice for the pants, too.

Being able to dress up your workout attire to suffice as every day wearables is the duel threat your wardrobe has been missing. You can’t undersell the convenience element too that you’ll be adding to your closet.