Fashion Weak: How to strengthen wardrobe with minimal effort

When you think about cities that show the world just how amazing fashion can be, what comes to mind?

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Paris are all bona fide winners in the field of trendsetting and being host to one runway trot after another as part of anything from Fashion Week to a simple jaunt to showcase what works from one season to another.

But when you watch those fashion shows or take a gander at a runway model on the cover of a magazine or for you internet gurus on any number of fashion web sites or blogs, you can help but feel as though those certain looks or specific wardrobes might just be as unattainable as a modeling contract itself.

The truth is that anyone who understands fashion knows that a few key pieces can turn the mundane wardrobe into one that is coveted and lauded as being lavishly stunning and yet simple in the very same breath.

From the plain white T shirt to the pea coat, you don’t have to be rich or a runway model to have the type of wardrobe that is equal parts versatile and creative, minus the hefty price tag.

And that’s no joke about the plain white T shirt, which is so amazing and yet so plain: you can dress it up or down and never miss a beat. The dressing down part is simple as it can be paired with fashionable sweats or even some jeans, but if you add a navy blue or black blazer (another must have that is affordable), you’ve suddenly created a look that isn’t too casual for a night out.

From tops to bottoms, when was the last time you check your leggings inventory, more specifically if you have two very important types: black and black leather. The former is comfortable and can be disguised as dressy in a pinch, while the latter won’t be confused with workout clothes but yet can be as dressy or downplayed as you want.

As for your footwear, the common denominator is boots, namely two different types. The ankle boots are incredibly stylish at the moment and paired with leggings or jeans is a remarkable, renowned look on the go. The knee high boots also haven’t lost much steam in the women’s fashion marketplace, so don’t be afraid to go leather with the brown pair and suede with the black ones, two staples that piece together any aspiring closet.

Fashion doesn’t have to be about thousands of dollars or a tremendously deep wardrobe. Fashion can start with a few pieces that turn a handful of outfits into dozens as you build on and up from that solid foundation.

Nail Art Form: Why celebrity trends buck traditional fashion thinking

If you’re too young to remember nail piercings, or better known as “nail dangles,” don’t worry, because your favorite celebrities in 2017 have decided that this 1990s fashion trend is worthy of a second look nearly 30 years later.

Women’s fashion has a funny way of changing based on one or a multitude of celebrities making the effort to start bringing back anything from track suits to nail dangles if they so choose to do so.

The nail dangles are starting to gain some serious publicity from none other than The Kardashian’s, namely Kim, who has resumed her role as celebrity debutant and fashion mover and shaker.

Most of what Kim and her sisters wear, from clothing to accessories, seems to make headlines, so ushering in a rebirth for nail piercing hardly seems out of the realm of possibilities for her and the family as a whole.

So Kim has essentially brought back nail piercings into the limelight for an entire new generation of women to see. Well, Kim’s nail piercings, the gold hoops that made the world stop and look, are a little extreme, but you’d like to think that this fashion trend is going to be more popular than ever now that a celebrity has endorsed this look.

And that’s pretty much what happens when a famous woman opts to stop on the proverbial dime and bring back anything from the dead. That product or style is resurrected and reveled in at least for a little while until the next big thing is makes its way back.

As for the nail piercings in general, they’re super chic when they’re toned down from what Kim (who clearly was trying to make a statement).

Piercing the nail itself isn’t all that difficult, but you’d be wise to purchase a nail piercing kit that gives you the proper tools of the trade, rather than try to use the fearless search engine on your phone or laptop in order to figure out exactly what needs to be done and cut costs int he process. The safer bet is to let a kit and subsequent instructions lead the way for you.

The only element of the nail piercing that might go array is its inconvenience and not being super practical but that didn’t stop typist in the 1990s the same way it most likely won’t stop texting in 2017.

Kudos to Kim for flexing her cover girl mojo and making another relic relevant again.

Graphically Aligned: When in doubt, go bold with graphic T’s

Few fashion items stand the test of time, to the point that they seem as though they’ll never even have a down period, much less vanish for years.

Fashion can also be quite cyclical, such as a particular style disappearing for decades before reemerging and christened as relevant again.

The items that have staying power, that have been part of your ensemble and wardrobe forever are quite rare, and when you see them in your closet while you’re whipping from one hanger to the next, you know that you’re always save when you pick this over everything else that may or may not be outdated.

One particular top that women gravitate toward and has been around for quite some time and shows no signs of slowing is the always lauded graphic T shirt. Even as the warmer temperatures begin to be replaced with colder ones, the graphic T is so universal and beloved that you can’t imagine life without it style wise.

Not only is the graphic T shirt part of just about every women’s closet around the world, but it’s picking up some serious steam as part of Fashion Week and is making serious headway on the runway.

Why is the graphic T so important to your closet, however?
Think of it like this. You can wear a graphic T shirt with jeans, but also pair it quite sincerely with capri pants and a black suit jacket for a look that is casual, fun and yet could easily be worn in an office setting on a dress down Friday.

The graphic T works with heels and sneakers, paired with suit or even part of a dress ensemble. The style options are endless, which makes the graphic T so incredibly versatile that you can’t afford not to have a few dozen in your closet.
What appeals to the masses, as well, is that they’re not always priced to the point that you can’t afford them, either. Some can be as much as $100 per shirt, but you’re more likely to settle somewhere in the $40 or $50 range on average. Truthfully, you could probably, if your budget was prohibitive, find a graphic T shirt that is $20 or less.

The graphic T in some ways is forgotten about when you get into talk about fashion and style, because quite frankly it’s a T shirt. That said, the popularity of them can’t be denied on so many different levels of acceptance, whether your Metallica T shirt is under a contemporary jean jacket or paired with jogging pants that simply work.

Shoulder Breaker: How to relax and still stay fashionably comfortable

Ask any woman what combination they would choose ten times out of ten when it comes to fashion, and you’ll hear the same response.

They would want to be fashionable and comfortable all in the same breath. That isn’t always quite as easy as it sounds, since being comfortable often is associated with a sloppy look, one that isn’t going to pass out to dinner or in the office even though you might want to try to sneak past your boss wearing black yoga pants straight from the gym to work.

The fact is summertime is even harder of a feat to pull off when you talk about fashionable and comfortability, but the popularity of some of your favorite items has changed in the eyes of both the industry and even those who once scoffed at a track suit or an off the shoulder casual look as being acceptable for just about any moment or any time during the day.

Now, those looks are no longer lamented as being lame or inappropriate but rather lauded for their convenience and casual nature, a combination that has you contemplating rethinking your entire summertime or warm weather clothing.

The off the shoulder look specifically once ruled the fashion roost but has since vanished into obscurity. The late 1980s and 1990s gave us the off the shoulder vibe but both shoulders in this time period were exposed. Today’s off the shoulder look is all about one shoulder being exposed, rather than two.

As for the aforementioned track suit, you have to remember that track suit and exercise are no longer exclusive to one another, as the suit is now starting to creep its way into the mainstream, again giving women the option of having the peace of mind to know they won’t be asked to go home and change clothes because they look too relaxed.

Women’s fashion has embraced both looks, the one off shoulder look and the track suit (velour specifically), and even Juicy Couture has rallied behind the track suit to the point that they’ve announced they’re back, and when that brand talks, most everyone listens.

The idea of being able to rock a track suit or an off the shoulder top and not have to worry about feeling out of place if you’re either casually wearing this attire or need to keep things a little more professional without having to do an impromptu change makes any woman smile knowing that fashion sense and style won’t slip a few rungs even if you choose to feel that much more relaxed with your wardrobe.

Tone Setters: Why some pieces always tie together perfect outfit

For every woman who believes that they need an endless budget, personal trainer, personal assistant or personal shopper to look the part of elegant, effortless and chic when it comes to their style and subsequent wardrobe, you’re missing out on a huge message regarding fashion.

You don’t need any of them to succeed in having the style you want.

What you need is to keep an eye open for a variety of fashion pieces that aren’t going to break the bank or be difficult to find even but rather are anything from accessories to shoes and everything in between that, when worn, make you look fabulous to the point where you don’t really even look like you’re trying all that hard, if at all.

And if there’s one element of fashion we all strive for is to make the average woman look like a million bucks without spending nearly that much.

The great equalizer is that one top, bottom, shoe or product that takes the mundane, the average and makes it look that much better, minus the huge overhead the runway models don’t need to worry about (they just stand, change, walk and repeat, right?).

Let’s start with the bottoms, specifically pants and skirts.

As for the latter, patterns are in and back for good it seems. The bolder the more beautiful and better, and as much as we want to shy away from horizontal stripes, you should incorporate those in every skirt, particularly the fashionable maintain that is the longer version that hugs the hips and ends at the ankles, just before the heel of the shoe.

Pants are aren’t nearly as tricky as you think since jeans are always a must, but please make sure you’re wearing the kind that actually fit. No matter what size or shape you are, the jeans should fit snug (not too tight, though). Nothing is going to bust up a beautiful wardrobe more than jeans that hang off you or look as though they’ve be worn far too often, separate from the rips and tears that typically you’ll see on jeans that are intended to be there.

And as long as you’re talking about jeans and skirts, high heels are always a must since they’re being paired with anything these days. High heels have that ability to transcend all other shoes as being good for the dressed down look but also debut nicely with a dress for a more formal approach to your look.

Striving for a wardrobe that is something you’d see at fashion week is fine, but unrealistic. What needs to happen is finding a few pieces that are perfect tent poles for the closet of your dreams.

Tiny dancers: Why small handbags aren’t popular but still great

Think about cell phones and how amazed we all were when the flip phone arrived and allowed those large, outdated cellular phones (yes, you should use the whole name for how big they were) to slowly move out to pasture.

Big was hardly beautiful when it came to phones, but that has changed with the “phablet,” the phrase used to coin a cell phone and tablet melded together to one giant phone.

Now, change gears for a minute and focus on women’s handbags, more specifically that the larger handbags, not that long ago, went away with extreme prejudice and were replaced by the smaller, chic version.

That isn’t the case in 2016 as the larger bags are begging (and getting) a major comeback as the accessory of choice. But downsizing isn’t completely taboo, even if it isn’t the fashionable tour de force it was not that long ago.

Sure, the small handbag isn’t thriving but it’s alive and well enough for a few manufacturers and designers to take note and give the minority of women who still want small wonders of handbags something to choose from that doesn’t forget how much style matters.

Two styles of smaller bags in particular are starting to show signs of life, namely that of a leather or suede ilk and those that sport a thicker, chain like strap (gold and silver both are widely accepted).

The suede bags by Burberry and Chloe send shivers through the spines of women who want small but don’t want to be cast aside for that tiny choice versus their larger counterparts. At first glance, the larger straps on some of these bags is a bit off putting but works with the suede and leather look.

As for the leather, a lot of small bags are the ones that, when pulled shut, have that twist tie look at the top, a really fashionable and trendy style for spring particularly but works year round as well.

The perfect handbag is truly in the eye of the beholder, but big certainly would be considered beautiful as far as fashion goes for now. But if you’re ready to buck the trend and go rogue with your style, you can do so knowing that a smaller bag isn’t going to equal big problems with how you’re perceived from a fashion standpoint.

It just means, in your eyes, good things do still come in small packages.

Bagged Brilliance: Fanny packs and belt bags beg for attention

When was the last time you saw a fanny pack or anything wrapped around your waist that screamed storage?
Those days are long gone, some would say nearly 30 years old.

But in the last three decades and with fashion being as cyclical as it is, you’d be hard pressed to potentially believe that the fanny pack and keeping things organized near your belt buckle would be making a comeback the likes of which the 1990s boy band craze wishes would resurface.

Say hello to the belt bag and be prepared to be amazed at just how fashionable this old school approach to style is.

Sure, at first glance, the more standard and modern day belt bag looks like a clutch purse or wallet on a string, hardly mirroring its predecessor from the days of old. The belt bag of 2016 is a fun, flirty take on spring fashion that fits well with any and all styles and wardrobes, from more modern dresses to the belt bag that flips over your shoulder.

Yes, the over the should model looks a lot like a book bag and that you’ll be heading toward your school locker, but when these versions are smaller and look like vertical fanny packs, the sky and the looks paired subsequently are the limit.

If you’re still not buying that the belt bag (or call it a fanny pack if that helps) is coming back stronger than ever, you shouldn’t look any further than the companies and designers that are backing this packing trend full force on its return to form in the modern day of fashion.

The likes of Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Tory Birch are begging for your attention to their versions of this apparently timeless style for women. Those aforementioned names are heavy hitters and highly credible when you think about handbags, purses and other accessories, so they’re the trendsetters typically when it comes to not only offering the product for starters, but also how they’re designed and positioned in the marketplace.

They’re front and center and being pushed as the next big thing that has already existed and is making a move to the front of the accessories line again. As much as you want to scoff or roll your eyes at this trend, the fact remains is the belt bag is big (well not literally of course) and shows signs that it might be here to stay on its second go around on the women’s fashion front line.

Women’s fashion can be Fit and Fabulous

When was the last time you went to the gym, wore your so-called workout clothes and had to be somewhere afterward that required you to change clothes?

Seems pretty annoying, right? You have to pack those gym clothes for after work and then go ahead and pack another set of clothes as well. Before you know it, you’re not carrying around a gym bag but rather a suitcase to get from point A to point B.

Furthermore, who doesn’t want to get to wear comfortable, gym like clothing all day every day without actually looking like you threw on your sweats or just wore your pajamas to the gym? Whatever happened to being able to dress down and yet still have your fashion acumen looking up for you at any given moment when you step in front of a mirror?

That doesn’t have to be the case with a new fashion look that is becoming equal parts trendy and stylish without compromising what you wear to the gym as far as not having to change afterward if you don’t need to or the ability to wear something comfortable yet still looking the part of someone who can meet a friend at a restaurant or out for a drink without standing out for all the wrong reasons.

The latest trend is the open back, soft top that is loose in the front and looks comfortable yet not messy and mostly is paired with workout slash Yoga pants and a sports bra.

Now, you’re probably thinking that you have a closet full of Under Armor, NIKE or Reebok gear and that is perfectly fine. While that’s true to some extend, they still look mostly like workout clothes. What this look allows is you to have a fun, fashionable look that doesn’t immediately remain you that the treadmill awaits.

And if you’re not swimming in expensive workout clothes, this look isn’t going to destroy your checkbook while you’re trying to expand your wardrobe with attire that is versatile. You also want to gravitate toward a colorful pairing, mainly with the sports bra being a vibrant choice, such as hot pink or a teal would go great with a light colored blue or grays, some color that doesn’t necessary stand out on its own. Black and gray work well as the colors of choice for the pants, too.

Being able to dress up your workout attire to suffice as every day wearables is the duel threat your wardrobe has been missing. You can’t undersell the convenience element too that you’ll be adding to your closet.

Lingerie Alternatives to Keep things Interesting

Lingerie is a huge part of many women’s lives. It is something that makes them feel attractive and desirable. Victoria’s Secret, Catherine’s, Spicy Lingerie and All Laced Up are just a few examples of some places that sell some of the hottest lingerie designs. Women can find anything from red teddies, to “edible” undergarments, to floral bras. However, alternative nightwear is available for females who do not want to assume the risqué look. Male counterparts are sometimes drawn to such non-risqué outfits. The following are some ideas for such women:

Cute Pajamas
Cute pajamas are for the girly women who like to relax in pigtails, ponytails and girlish nightwear. The PajamaGram website has a wide assortment of fun and cutesy outfits. Shoppers can choose between different looks such as The Chocolate Lover, Night Owl, SuperMom and Romperalls outfit. The Romperall is a one-piece overall type of garment that comes in exciting colors such as purple and pink. The site even has some innovative nightwear that merges hoodies and footies into interesting big-girl arrangements. Some of the outfits on the site are on the expensive side. The average price of an outfit is approximately $59.99.

Contemporary Pajamas
The Natori website is a site that offers a collection of contemporary night clothing that women can use to achieve a variety of attractive looks. The Pink Muse Cap Gown is just an example of something that a female can mix and match with sandals. The Natori Mirage Gown is something that a woman can wear if she wants to add color to her slumber. Nightwear on the site costs $100 to $200.

Elegant Nightwear
Some women may want to assume an elegant profile when they wear night clothing. An example of such nightwear can be found on the Julianne Rae website. Julianne Rae is a luxury nightwear shop that has high-class chemises and nightgowns that are fit for a queen. The Adriene Print long gown is a long extravagant gown for women who want to feel every bit of luxurious. The Silk Tresor Chemise is a choice for women who appreciate a shorter length. All of the visitors to the Julianne Rae website will have to pay high prices for their clothing. The average cost of elegant nightwear on the site is $200.

The nightwear field consists of more than just teddies and edibles. Many hot styles are available for women so that they can trump up their appeal.

Fashion Tips for Tomboy

If you are a woman who is confident enough in your skin to do the things you want, instead of what is expected of you, you might be a tomboy.  The nickname encompasses a multitude of women who like to play sports and partake in other activities in which males partake.

Most tomboys are heterosexual and simply enjoy some of the same things that males enjoy. Quite a few of them developed their habits during childhood and never changed. Some tomboys love to wear men’s clothing as their personal fashion statements. Tomboys will not lose any potential mate prospects, especially if they use fashion tips. The following are some tips for tomboys to keep them looking feminine and attractive no matter what they wear:

Lipstick Makes a Huge Difference

Lipstick can be magical when it comes to highlighting a tomboy’s femininity. A beautiful shade of lipstick will draw the eyes away from the clothing and onto her pretty face. Red lipstick can brighten a person’s appearance so much that males will flock to her. Other colors that work well for bringing out a tomboy’s beauty are Pink Plum and Hot Pink.

Form Fitting Clothes Differentiate

Another tip for enhancing a tomboy’s wardrobe is to wear form fitting clothing. She can wear boys or men’s pants in such a way that her curves come to light. Another trick that she can try is the cami shirt trick. She can wear a colorful spandex cami shirt underneath any long sleeved shirt and display her femininity. For example, she could wear a lumberjack shirt and leave the buttons open to show the cami shirt that she is wearing. Lumberjack shirts are highly popular in the tomboy garment realm.

Girly Hair Can Counteract a Boyish Style

A hairstyle can sometimes make the difference between a rough appearance and a sweet appearance. A buzz cut may be appropriate for someone who wants to maintain a manly appearance. Longer hair is good for a woman who wants to enjoy being a tomboy while still enjoying her feminine attributes. A woman can leave her hair straight and luxurious, or she can use a product that gives her hair a curly or wavy appearance. Pigtails are another way that a woman can counteract her boyish clothing style. Pigtails and tomboy gear will certainly mix things up a bit.

The previously mentioned suggestions are just a few tips for people who feel as though they want to carry a feminine presence. The women can opt to leave things the way they are, as well.