Nail Art Form: Why celebrity trends buck traditional fashion thinking

If you’re too young to remember nail piercings, or better known as “nail dangles,” don’t worry, because your favorite celebrities in 2017 have decided that this 1990s fashion trend is worthy of a second look nearly 30 years later.

Women’s fashion has a funny way of changing based on one or a multitude of celebrities making the effort to start bringing back anything from track suits to nail dangles if they so choose to do so.

The nail dangles are starting to gain some serious publicity from none other than The Kardashian’s, namely Kim, who has resumed her role as celebrity debutant and fashion mover and shaker.

Most of what Kim and her sisters wear, from clothing to accessories, seems to make headlines, so ushering in a rebirth for nail piercing hardly seems out of the realm of possibilities for her and the family as a whole.

So Kim has essentially brought back nail piercings into the limelight for an entire new generation of women to see. Well, Kim’s nail piercings, the gold hoops that made the world stop and look, are a little extreme, but you’d like to think that this fashion trend is going to be more popular than ever now that a celebrity has endorsed this look.

And that’s pretty much what happens when a famous woman opts to stop on the proverbial dime and bring back anything from the dead. That product or style is resurrected and reveled in at least for a little while until the next big thing is makes its way back.

As for the nail piercings in general, they’re super chic when they’re toned down from what Kim (who clearly was trying to make a statement).

Piercing the nail itself isn’t all that difficult, but you’d be wise to purchase a nail piercing kit that gives you the proper tools of the trade, rather than try to use the fearless search engine on your phone or laptop in order to figure out exactly what needs to be done and cut costs int he process. The safer bet is to let a kit and subsequent instructions lead the way for you.

The only element of the nail piercing that might go array is its inconvenience and not being super practical but that didn’t stop typist in the 1990s the same way it most likely won’t stop texting in 2017.

Kudos to Kim for flexing her cover girl mojo and making another relic relevant again.