Hit or Miss: Some trends make sense, while others are head scratchers

The world of women’s fashion clearly resides on opposite ends of the style spectrum when, for example, you look at particular trends and just how embraced and questioned they can be all in the same breath.

When you take a look at certain tops, bottoms and accessories, their appeal is easy to spot. Whether it’s practicality or just a flawless look that is universally lauded and loved, you gravitate toward them without much concern or thought to the contrary.

Then, you have what would at first sight appear to be a highly visible yet odd fashion trend that you can’t help but wonder why it’s popular in the first place.

Take for instance the obsession this Fall with handbags that look like you could fit an entire family in them or a small compact car. While you can’t argue that the handbag as an accessory works wonders for most wardrobes and a complimentary piece, these bags are bountiful and not quite as beautiful as some may assume.

And if that handbag craze isn’t enough to make you scratch your head, what about this love affair with velour, more specifically the track suit. This look might work for a stylish Olympian, but you’d be hard pressed to see this fully loved and wanted by the average woman. It’s a throwback, comfortable of course, but a little too retro for the masses.

Other styles, conversely, are easy to see why women want them to be part of their wardrobe, no questions asked. Think about designer, graphic T shirts, the ones that you’d assume are more tailor made for me. These actually are being scooped up by women more than they have ever been, mostly because what was once old (retro) is new again. Women love the idea of pairing these T shirts with an equally warming blazer and a pair of skinny jeans to take a casual look and turn it into something you’d wear out on a Friday night.

The handbag craze does in fact exist and once you are able to get past (literally in some cases due to size) the larger ones, you have an array of choices that are bona fide winners, small enough to not stand out but large enough to still be useful.

Fashion is wonderfully unique in that it’s all about what’s hot versus what’s not, but the former category sometimes leaves us feeling a little lukewarm about something we’re told to be fashionable, even though we respectfully disagree.