Flash Forward: Why old styles are making serious play for runway

To say that fashion is cyclical would be a spot on comment, in that styles tend to come and then go, and then repeat that cycle every so often.

But rarely in fashion is a style so maligned and so laughable years after it was popular but yet still manages to make a fiery comeback.

That is in the midst of happening with one particular style that somehow has been revived for whatever reason and finds itself making a serious play for the runway.

Remember, the aptly titled and hilarious “mom jeans,” as they were known? You know, these high waisted train wreck pants that didn’t flatter any part of the woman who was wearing them.

From front to back, “mom jeans” were lame denim that, in retrospect, have zero redeemable qualities to them.

Yet somehow, here we are talking about them as being all the rage.

They’re back but this time have a little bit of help along the way, and it’s really up to the fashionable women of the world if they’re truly accept them again with open arms.

That “help” as it is defined is how you pair these high waisted jeans, whether that be with a sleek pair of low cut boots (preferably leather) or an unconventional graphic T shirt or plain T shirt.

Fashion experts agree that these “mom jeans” are best used with a lighter wash.

And as for that graphic T shirt, that top also is not only a perfect match for your newfound love of high waisted jeans but continue to be popular no matter the reason or year, quite frankly.

The graphic T shirt is nothing new, although for men that style has come and gone quickly thanks to overexposing brands like “Affliction,” which became so overly popular with their busy T shirt that those fizzled out to the point that the style is completely gone, almost without a trace.
For women, it’s a little different. The graphic T shirt look is another older style that remains steadfast in its appeal and approach: the slogan’s are more political, social and mean more than they did 20 years ago.

As whimsical as a shirt might have been, slogan wise or with its saying, in the 1990s, that has changed to a more powerful voice on the front of your shirt.

Whether it’s the jeans or the graphic T shirt, what is once outdated, passive and downright silly has transformed into chic, poignant and poised to be in your closet in the near future.