Shoulder Breaker: How to relax and still stay fashionably comfortable

Ask any woman what combination they would choose ten times out of ten when it comes to fashion, and you’ll hear the same response.

They would want to be fashionable and comfortable all in the same breath. That isn’t always quite as easy as it sounds, since being comfortable often is associated with a sloppy look, one that isn’t going to pass out to dinner or in the office even though you might want to try to sneak past your boss wearing black yoga pants straight from the gym to work.

The fact is summertime is even harder of a feat to pull off when you talk about fashionable and comfortability, but the popularity of some of your favorite items has changed in the eyes of both the industry and even those who once scoffed at a track suit or an off the shoulder casual look as being acceptable for just about any moment or any time during the day.

Now, those looks are no longer lamented as being lame or inappropriate but rather lauded for their convenience and casual nature, a combination that has you contemplating rethinking your entire summertime or warm weather clothing.

The off the shoulder look specifically once ruled the fashion roost but has since vanished into obscurity. The late 1980s and 1990s gave us the off the shoulder vibe but both shoulders in this time period were exposed. Today’s off the shoulder look is all about one shoulder being exposed, rather than two.

As for the aforementioned track suit, you have to remember that track suit and exercise are no longer exclusive to one another, as the suit is now starting to creep its way into the mainstream, again giving women the option of having the peace of mind to know they won’t be asked to go home and change clothes because they look too relaxed.

Women’s fashion has embraced both looks, the one off shoulder look and the track suit (velour specifically), and even Juicy Couture has rallied behind the track suit to the point that they’ve announced they’re back, and when that brand talks, most everyone listens.

The idea of being able to rock a track suit or an off the shoulder top and not have to worry about feeling out of place if you’re either casually wearing this attire or need to keep things a little more professional without having to do an impromptu change makes any woman smile knowing that fashion sense and style won’t slip a few rungs even if you choose to feel that much more relaxed with your wardrobe.