Work Worn: How to dress down for office yet still look stunning

Most women assume that dressing casual at the office really doesn’t pertain much to them.

Sure, you have your days when “Casual Friday” means you can wear jeans, but not much else comes of a day like that for women who want to somehow slip Yoga pants or a sweat suit into their office wardrobe without anyone noticing just how comfortable their clothing appears.

In a sense, you’re simply trying to get away with dressing down, yet still looking the part on the days when you’d much rather be in your comfy clothes rather than donning a business suit, dress slacks or anything else from your closet that would be deemed cumbersome to wear.

This dream sequence of sort is just that, as women aren’t really believing the idea that you can somehow wear all the clothes you enjoy on your down time or when you’re off from work to work in place of other garments and clothing that only reminds you just how uncomfortable you are.

Now, if you’re the CEO of a company or have a job that requires that sort of wardrobe, chances are you’re stuck with all the pant suits you can handle.

But some jobs have a little bit of leeway when a power suit can give way to a little less of a dressy look but still with the expectation that you’d look as though you’re coming to work at a respectable office and not simply rolling out of bed.

So how exactly do you pull that one off?

One of the bigger women’s fashion movements is the jump suit, which is a one piece that is the epitome of relaxation but tends to come across as more laid back when it comes to wearing it at the office. Fashion experts will tell you that the jump suit is comfortable, for sure, but it needs a little help in being totally and fully accepted as an alternative to dressier clothes. You can pair the jump suit with a nicer jacket or blazer to throw over it (one that you’ll wear all day or you can take the jump suit and put on a shirt over top of it, such as a button up dress shirt.
Accessories also help when you’re trying to dress down and keep things classy at the workplace, so don’t be afraid to pair that comfortable outfit, jump suit or not, with a pair of high heels and jewelry, for example.

Dressing down doesn’t have to carry with it a negative connotation but rather should be more about centering on your creativity from a fashion sense so that you can have the best of both worlds: an outfit that looks like it belongs at work and peace of mind knowing you can be fashionable without all the fanfare.