Timeless Classic: Wardrobe staples make fashion that much easier

Not every woman has the luxury of being able to spot something on a runway at Fashion Week, and simply rush to the store and buy exactly as they see it in the pages of their favorite fashion magazine or online.

The truth is most of us need those series of clothing pieces or elements to our fashion attire that are universal, that can be worn with just about anything and help us also from a budget standpoint. You can’t imagine just how remarkable of a feeling it is when you purchase a piece of clothing and realize that the money spent didn’t only get you a remarkable item but something you can pair up or wear on its own for years and years to come, not having to worry about its fashion relevance whatsoever.

When you think about staples in your wardrobe, thoughts immediately turn to three items: tops, bottoms and accessories. That’s easy to identify those categories, but what exactly goes in them as far as timeless classics might surprise you, however.

As for the accessories, think jackets and other wear pieces that aren’t necessarily labeled as “coats” but something more along the lines of tracksuit tops and bomber jackets, both of which have some serious staying power to the point that they’ve become the epitome of style when you want to have that classic, comfortable look without looking sloppier than you’d like. And as long as you’re instituting comfort, why not look at the traditional throwback of the two-piece sweat suit. As much as you’d cringe to see someone wearing a one color sweatsuit (something you’d see your mom wearing to do sit and fit aerobics, perhaps), the idea behind this look is more along the lines of that track suit or exercise attire that looks the part and is well put together, with one color matches for both pieces with perhaps a little 1980s or 1990s flare with the color trim (think black track suit and white trim lines).

As far as the tops and bottoms go, the two pieces you want to be in your closet at all times: the classic white, button up dress shirt and the black leggings. The former pretty much speaks for itself and the latter is all about, again, comfort but also something you pop on to wear out or even to the office without any pushback from the masses.

You really could say that about all these examples: they’ll always be there for you and universally lauded and loved no matter what time, date or year you’re wearing them.