Fashion Rewind: Why the 80s are cooler then ever


What is old, often is rebranded, rechristened and transformed from cast aside to the hottest and most stylish trend women’s fashion has ever seen.

Much the same way pop culture has embraced everything associated with the 1980s, shoes, shirts, pants and accessories are no different as far as women’s fashion is concerned. The real highlight of that decade is the rebirth of just about everything 80s, even the type of clothing or trends that, even back in its heyday, would be considered odd and oft putting at best.

But that is what is so magical about fashion, how something can be lambasted and laughed at 30 some years ago yet return in the modern day runway or department store as being lauded and wanted by the masses and brought back to life to the point that it is utterly clamored for by all.

The best place to start is at the bottom, as in your jeans as those stone washed and acid washed (or varying washes of your choice back in 1980 something) looked hideous to some yet worn by most have marched their way one odd pant leg at a time back into the forefront. The acid wash look, notably better this time around in brighter colors, works well with the oversized sweatshirt, another staple from that decade.

And as long as you’re talking about jeans, why not continue the trend of the high waisted ones? That is another fashion staple that has made a stand and returned to form, along with pairing it with a thinner belt. And that acid wash look isn’t made just for the pants, either. The high waisted look also has migrated into the shorts market, too, with jean shorts making a serious comeback that would make even the most fashion conscious women stop and stare at just how not out of place this stylish staple truly looks.

We can all agree too that one accessory or piece of outwear that also didn’t seem all that great back in the 1980s was the windbreaker, this jacket made of a plastic material that was, in theory, supposed to protect you from the wind (hence the name). What popularity these jackets had quickly eroded when you started seeing them being given away at events with company logos on them.

But the windbreaker is back and being trotted out for a second go around, along with its 1980s (and into the 1990s) partner in crime: the fanny pack. These belt and purse hybrid is hardly just hype.

No matter if you were a teenager in the 1980s or in your mid 30s, you can’t ignore that you maybe quietly enjoyed this fashion and now can revel in the fact that it has returned even better, brighter and bigger than ever.