Tiny dancers: Why small handbags aren’t popular but still great

Think about cell phones and how amazed we all were when the flip phone arrived and allowed those large, outdated cellular phones (yes, you should use the whole name for how big they were) to slowly move out to pasture.

Big was hardly beautiful when it came to phones, but that has changed with the “phablet,” the phrase used to coin a cell phone and tablet melded together to one giant phone.

Now, change gears for a minute and focus on women’s handbags, more specifically that the larger handbags, not that long ago, went away with extreme prejudice and were replaced by the smaller, chic version.

That isn’t the case in 2016 as the larger bags are begging (and getting) a major comeback as the accessory of choice. But downsizing isn’t completely taboo, even if it isn’t the fashionable tour de force it was not that long ago.

Sure, the small handbag isn’t thriving but it’s alive and well enough for a few manufacturers and designers to take note and give the minority of women who still want small wonders of handbags something to choose from that doesn’t forget how much style matters.

Two styles of smaller bags in particular are starting to show signs of life, namely that of a leather or suede ilk and those that sport a thicker, chain like strap (gold and silver both are widely accepted).

The suede bags by Burberry and Chloe send shivers through the spines of women who want small but don’t want to be cast aside for that tiny choice versus their larger counterparts. At first glance, the larger straps on some of these bags is a bit off putting but works with the suede and leather look.

As for the leather, a lot of small bags are the ones that, when pulled shut, have that twist tie look at the top, a really fashionable and trendy style for spring particularly but works year round as well.

The perfect handbag is truly in the eye of the beholder, but big certainly would be considered beautiful as far as fashion goes for now. But if you’re ready to buck the trend and go rogue with your style, you can do so knowing that a smaller bag isn’t going to equal big problems with how you’re perceived from a fashion standpoint.

It just means, in your eyes, good things do still come in small packages.