Eye Balling: How eye color plays into choice of makeup

Have you ever considered the possibility that your eye color and your eye liner play a game of back and forth with one another?

More specifically, does your eye color affect the type of eye liner color you ultimately choose?

The idea that eye liner doesn’t matter is somewhat laughable, almost the same as the comment suggesting that one size fits all when it comes to eye liners.

The truth of the matter is eye liner color does matter as certain shades of a particular hue will ultimately make your eye color pop.

Darker, brown eyes tend to work best with blue liner, while those delectable blue eyes match up perfectly with a gold liner.

While green eyes are always a stunner, a reddish, brown tone doesn’t harken colors of the holiday but instead makes those unique green eyes stand out even more so than they do already.

And as long as we are focusing on the eyes, why not ask the question how you can make them look bigger and bolder? Anyone who pays close attention to their makeup, whether you’re talking about the aforementioned eye color and liner or concealer, foundation or anything that you put on your face.

Your eyes really tie everything together from a makeup standpoint, so it’s hard not to get totally involved in making those peepers pop. How exactly do you make them stand out?

For starters, why not look at not only the eye liner in conjunction with the color of your eyes, but also get rid of the puffiness, the number one concern for eye issues, with cold, not hot in the way compresses. The cold part flushes the skin and takes away the swelling look under your eyes. Concealer, the right one, also will take the attention off the puffy eyes and back on to your eyes and all that you’re done to make them that much more important.

Equally paramount is having eyebrows that are framed for your face but also specifically for your eyes. The right frame can draw all kinds of right attention to your eyes, and unruly brows are best left to those who aren’t interested in making their eyes the focal point of their makeup endeavor.

When you think about the phrase “the eyes have it,” you can’t argue that part of your face is fair game as far as making bold decisions with eye liner and making sure the first impression, the first glance is always the best one you put forward.