Shirt Happens: How to make plain into perfection

Women know that, when it comes to fashion and clothing, that your dollar only stretches so far.

So if you can find places to stash cash in the form of buying a universally lauded product that can pull together several outfits but not cost a fortune, that certainly is ideal.

Anywhere costs can be cut and yet not fall victim to some sort of fashion misstep is a path most women would take in a heartbeat.
One of the best and easiest places to do so and not miss a beat: your favorite T shirt.

Yes, our old friend, the solid colored T shirt, is one that can be used just about anywhere in your wardrobe and paired with any outfit and can be done with a cost that is hardly prohibitive as far as being able to buy one $10 or $20 shirt and use it throughout a variety of different outfits for work, play or any occasion really.

Think about that casual outfit that you won’t to break out this weekend, but still want to maintain some semblance of style and not look as though you’ve relegated yourself to T shirt and jeans and nothing more.

The T shirt, solid color, goes great and wonderfully with denim. No, that doesn’t mean jeans, jean jacket and a T shirt should be the outfit of choice but instead taking that denim jacket, hardly outdated by any means, and putting it together with a set of pumps and a solid colored T shirt. In place of the jeans, think about putting a pair of capri pants with it or even a skirt that has some color and pattern to it.

That same T shirt can be placed under a blazer and paired with those jeans we wanted to hold off on using and either flat shoes or pumps for another look that makes casual Friday at the office hardly something that won’t turn some heads.

Another look that screams simply sexy is a T shirt paired with every girl’s favorite bottoms: leggings. You can pair the T shirt with leggings of the leather variety or even plain, Jane cotton and still have a look when you add heels and some sort of jacket that goes against the grain (maybe leather or some sort of cargo coat), and that look is both cost effective and gives your T shirt versatility.

Then again, what else would you expect from the wonder and awe that is the T shirt. It keeps things easy and laid back but certainly can be leveled way up to appease any look a women wants.