Summertime Blues: Why summertime fashion and work don’t mix

Summertime fashion is fun, exciting and allows you to get creative as the clothes lessen, the functionality and flavor that is warmer temperatures breeds a sense of style that is welcoming to the masses, not just the fashion experts who comb the runways looking for what’s in and what’s out.

The latter sentiment is a unique one as it relates to summer, and less clothing. More specifically, how do you handle the office, work and summertime, when you don’t have the option of layering up or wearing something that is a little more conducive to professional in the colder months.

It’s not secret that winter lends itself more to a business professional look, mostly because of long pants, blazers and long sleeved attire that is more make than break when it comes to fashion at the office and not sticking out like a sore thumb.

That sticking out means quite simply that you’re not wearing fashionable clothing to work during the summer.

What exactly is stylish for summer this year that allows you to fit in?

To answer that question, you might want to think about what isn’t appropriate.

For instance, the summer is all about short shorts, particularly this year but those aren’t going to get the job done at work.

Also not working at work is anything strapless or too revealing (such as a tank top) or showing off too much skin as a whole. That includes mini skirts and dresses that are far too short. As silly as it sounds, the two inch finger tip rule is fashion personified and if your skirt isn’t at that length before you leave for the day, a change is in order.

And even if that skirt or shorts are long enough, make sure your shirt isn’t longer than your pants. Giving yourself the feel and look of not wearing pants (even though you are) makes for a situation that is going to get you all the wrong looks at work.

This year, summertime style sets itself apart from the pack and it has more to do than just the nicer weather and warmer temperatures, but rather a flare for the flirty and free, centering on comfort and not constrictive.

But as much as summer sends all the right messages by the pool and on the beach, for the weekend getaways, you have to remember that the office and summer sometimes butt heads.