Bagged Brilliance: Fanny packs and belt bags beg for attention

When was the last time you saw a fanny pack or anything wrapped around your waist that screamed storage?
Those days are long gone, some would say nearly 30 years old.

But in the last three decades and with fashion being as cyclical as it is, you’d be hard pressed to potentially believe that the fanny pack and keeping things organized near your belt buckle would be making a comeback the likes of which the 1990s boy band craze wishes would resurface.

Say hello to the belt bag and be prepared to be amazed at just how fashionable this old school approach to style is.

Sure, at first glance, the more standard and modern day belt bag looks like a clutch purse or wallet on a string, hardly mirroring its predecessor from the days of old. The belt bag of 2016 is a fun, flirty take on spring fashion that fits well with any and all styles and wardrobes, from more modern dresses to the belt bag that flips over your shoulder.

Yes, the over the should model looks a lot like a book bag and that you’ll be heading toward your school locker, but when these versions are smaller and look like vertical fanny packs, the sky and the looks paired subsequently are the limit.

If you’re still not buying that the belt bag (or call it a fanny pack if that helps) is coming back stronger than ever, you shouldn’t look any further than the companies and designers that are backing this packing trend full force on its return to form in the modern day of fashion.

The likes of Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Tory Birch are begging for your attention to their versions of this apparently timeless style for women. Those aforementioned names are heavy hitters and highly credible when you think about handbags, purses and other accessories, so they’re the trendsetters typically when it comes to not only offering the product for starters, but also how they’re designed and positioned in the marketplace.

They’re front and center and being pushed as the next big thing that has already existed and is making a move to the front of the accessories line again. As much as you want to scoff or roll your eyes at this trend, the fact remains is the belt bag is big (well not literally of course) and shows signs that it might be here to stay on its second go around on the women’s fashion front line.