Hottest Clothing Designers — All Price Ranges

People love to wear clothes from the designers that provide the trendiest and most reliable lines. Not all consumers share the same budget, however. Some consumers have limited money to spend on clothing while others have abundant riches for high-end fashion. Still, many consumers appreciate purchasing their clothing from top-notch providers. They like to go with the crowd’s flow sometimes. The following is a list of designers that consumers rate high for fashion at this time:

Best High-End Designers
The top high-end designer list still includes moguls such as Versace, Louis Vuitton and Valentino. Valentino has some red dresses on the market that could turn 1,000 heads. Valentino dresses are famous for covering the women who starred in the James Bond movies. The company’s newest line includes some see-through fashion, oriental fashion, and genuine leather handbags with alluring designs. The clothing from the previously mentioned three designers is for people who have no limits on the money they can spend for their wardrobes.

Best Mid-Range Designer
The best three mid-range designers on the market are designers such as DKNY, Kenneth Cole and Nicole Miller. The DKNY Company has lines of clothes that they market toward the younger crowd in the world. Kenneth Cole is a designer that provides clothing for business executives and so forth. Kenneth Cole produces a wide range of leather jackets, watches, suits and more. Nicole Miller has an inventory of hip and appealing dresses that today’s women appreciate. Nicole Miller dresses are appropriate for beach weddings, business engagements, formal events and everyday wear, as well.

Best Budget Clothing Designers
Budget clothing designers design the clothing that one would find at the local Walmart, Target or similar location. Examples of some of the top budget clothing designers are No Boundaries, Derek Heart, Energie and Sauci. The clothing from those lines range in cost from $6 up to $25 for one piece. Budget designers make clothing that can work well for business persons, fitness buffs and people who love casual wear.

Consumers can find out which clothes are trending by looking at a popular fashion magazine. The names of some of the top fashion magazines on the market are Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire. The magazines will offer information for getting fit and trim in today’s society, as well.