The Best of High End Shoes in Spring 2015

Women are natural lovers of shoes, and many of them like to keep up with the latest shoe trends. High-end shoes have a habit of boosting the female morale in a way that leaves her coming back every new season to purchase the latest releases. High-end shoe manufacturers are always developing shoes that outperform the previous pair. The following are three new high-end shoe styles that will surely leave a dent in the fashion industry:

High-Heeled Shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti has been creating high-end shoes for more than 20 years. His latest collection of stellar women’s footwear includes a high-heeled masterpiece that is simply known by the number E50394. The E50394 shoe is elegantly crafted of genuine leather that complements the stiletto heel. The heel height is over 4 inches, which is an excellent height for women who want to receive a temporary sense of elevation. The woman’s toe will be enclosed in a blue overlap, and the back will be enclosed in leather. The price tag on the E50394 model is $1,695, and the company provides free shipping.

Gucci flats are for women who do not appreciate the feel of the high-heeled shoe. Flats are more affordable than stilettos are, but they still have a large amount of elegance. The Microguccissima shoe is a comfortable flat that can fit any occasion. The materials are crafted in Italy, and the shoes have rubber bottoms and a cord platform. The shoes retail for $395, and a woman can order them in beige, raspberry or black. They are suitable for casual dinners, business meetings, church gatherings and more. In fact, their versatility is one of the main reasons that women seek them frequently.

Versace Ankle Boots With Plexi Cut

The Versace boots with the Plexi cut are an innovative mix of stability and transparency. They have a slightly futuristic look to them, which makes them quite appealing. The boots are uniquely designed with a front zipper, a clear platform and a clear high heel. The rest of the boot displays square openings that will expose the woman’s skin or stockings. The shiny texture of the boots make them elegant and desirable. The price tag on the Plexi Cut ankle boots is $2,525, and they come in only one color.

The previously mentioned are only the beginning of the many offerings that manufacturers will present in the near future.


Designers Cash in on New High-End Handbags

A woman’s handbag is something that she will carry with her through various life tasks. She will have her handbag with her when she goes to her job, the grocery store, the gym and more. She will rely on her handbag so much that she will not want to have an unattractive bag. She will choose a bag that is visually comfortable and highly fashionable. The following are three popular high-end hand bags for women:

Pebble Grain Olivia

The Pebble Grain Olivia handbag is a vibrant bag that sells for $248 on the Dooney & Bourke website. The handbag comes in a fascinating yellow color that can brighten anyone’s day. The female would be constantly delighted and uplifted if she chose to carry such a handbag with her on a daily basis.

Pebble Grain Small Lexington

The Pebble Grain Small Lexington handbag is a smaller bag for women who do not want to carry a great deal of bulk. The handbag retails for $148 online, and a woman can order it in a wide variety of exciting colors. Some of the colors that this nifty handbag comes in are Plum, Geranium, Mustard, Tan, Cranberry, Taupe, Smoke, Dark Grey and more.

Beautiful Flowers

The Bag, Borrow or Steal website has a gorgeous flower-covered Luis Vuitton handbag. The bag has a black background with an assortment of colorful flowers on the front. The name of the bag is the Neverfull MM Tote Bag. The cost of the bag is $2,195.

Rayure Clutch

The Rayure Clutch bag is an interesting bag by Louis Vuitton. A woman could wear the bag with just about any clothing ensemble. The bag carries a strong air of elegance because of its metal trimmings and dark, majestic colors. The price of the bag is $1,850.

Jackie Leather Bucket Bag

The Jackie Leather Bucket Bag is an attractive bag that a woman can find at the Gucci website. The bag comes in an assortment of refreshing colors such as orange, red, blue and brown. The bag is crafted of soft grain leather, and it displays an assortment of elegant antique gold hardware. The price of this gorgeous bag is $2,600.

Handbags are a woman’s most important accessory sometimes. Therefore, she should conduct thorough research before she decides which handbag is best. She will want to take an inventory of the clothing colors that she mostly wears. From there, she can decide on an effective handbag shade.