2015: Three Winter Coats for Women

The cold weather can be harsh on either gender, but it seems as the cold air affects women more than it affects men. Therefore, finding the best winter coat is important for women. Women must have winter coats that provide extra insulation and materials that can deflect cold air when it snaps their way. The following are some suggestions for a woman who wants to stay warm:
Patagonia Prow Down Jacket

The Patagonia Prow Down Jacket sells for a little under $200 at Dick’s Sporting Goods. The jacket is amazing for the wintertime because of its thickness and its style. The jacket is insulated with super-soft down that provides a sturdy layer of protection against harsh wins. The down filling seals in the woman’s heat and keep cold air out.

The outside of the jacket is waterproof, which means the rain will not enter. Another interested feature that this jacket has is a neckpiece that fits all the way up the wearer’s neck. The neckpiece eliminates the need for a scarf because it shields the neck from the elements. The consumer can purchase the jacket in a dark currant color, and sizes range from small to extra-large.

Women’s Leather Bomber

Bomber jackets are great for women because the leather in them can deflect wind perfectly. A woman can find the Marc New York Leather Bomber w/Puffy Detail at Wilson’s leather for $299. The jacket has been marked down 70 percent. The jacket is made of genuine leather as well as polyester, cotton and spandex. The style of the piece makes it compatible with denim jeans.

Hooded Down Coat

Hooded coats are always best because they offer a crown of protection over the head. A shopper can find the Taryn Hooded Down Coat on sale for less than $150. Consumers have rated the Taryn Hooded Down Coat with four stars out of five for its comfort, style and effectiveness in cold weather. The coat is crafted of water resistant nylon and down, which provides it with the ultimate mixture of winter armor. The best thing about this coat is that the owner can easily wash in the machine for future wear.

A variety of winter coats is available online. It is up to each woman to ensure that she finds reliable outerwear that can keep her warm for years to come.