Oscar Night: The Elegant and the Awkward

Oscar night is a night when actors and actresses find out how much their performances affected the world. They show their appreciation for their nominations by coming to the event in stunning clothing. However, some of the attendants end up bordering on the side of awkward with their outfits. The following are examples of celebrities that wore elegant attire and a few that wore awkward attire:

Blanca Blanco: The Walking Flame

Blanca Blanco wore a long red dress with an overabundance of ruffles. She had an upswept hairstyle and minimum makeup. Her dress would fit the awkward description because it resembled a life-sized flame from a glance.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Elegantly Girly

Some people did not find Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress elegant, but it represented the utmost innocent and girly elegance. She wore a long pink dress with a pink rose on the left shoulder. Her hair was flowing downward, and her earrings illuminated her beautiful smile. Her outfit was completely girly, which was quite becoming of her. Therefore, her attire should go in the elegant section.

Jared Leto: Awkwardly Unkempt

Jared Leto showed up in a periwinkle colored tuxedo, which is awkward in itself, but that does not describe the depth of his awkwardness during the awards ceremony. He left his hair hanging down, and he arrived with an untrimmed beard, as well. His look would go on the awkward side because it cannot be placed in an elegant side in good conscience.

Meryl Streep: Elegant as Usual

Meryl Streep pulled off an elegant ensemble. She wore a classy black and white pantsuit, and she had an upswept hairstyle that revealed her youthful look. Meryl Streep always seems to pull off a totally classy look no matter where she goes.

Naomi Watts: The Elegance of Gray

Naomi Watts carried herself in an elegant fashion. She was wearing a Bandeau dress that was gray and black. The dress was not overly loose or overly tight. The back was out, but it still managed to have a prestigious allure. Some of the celebrities had no modesty to the clothing that they wore to the ceremony.

Awards ceremonies are crucial events for stars. Actors and actresses will always be critiqued when they appear at special events. Therefore, they should always put on their best ensemble because they never know when someone will place them in an unfavorable category.