East Coast vs. West Coast: Beachwear

There’s long been a coastal rivalry between the East and the West, which extends far beyond Biggie and Tupac. It dates back to those who wished to stay where our nation was founded and those who wanted to go on an adventure, trying their luck out West. For fashion purposes, it’s also extends to beachwear. We looked at the hottest swimwear earlier this summer, but now let’s break it down by region.

East Coast

If you’ve ever visited New York or Boston, you know people there take a very direct, no-nonsense approach to life. Beach combers like to look cool and chic, but looks there are very functional and more serious than their West coast counterparts. Overall, you’re also likely to find people more covered than in the West.

On the East coast, you’ll see lots of metallic shades in all swimwear and beachwear; they like a more severe look out there. More sporty influences are also the rage (try out a crop top the next time you’re headed to the beach). Classic, retro wear is another in option. Those on the East coast looking to show their sexy side a little more go with cutouts. These are one-piece suits that show skin without revealing everything.

West Coast

When those first pioneers started out West, they didn’t know what they were going to find and prepared themselves for adventure. This same sense of bold fearlessness is still alive on the West coast where people like to be casual, fun, flirty, and playful with all their clothes. Everything tends to be tighter and more form fitting while bohemian vibes abound.

Let your inner bohemian girl go wild with crochet accents at the beach this summer (just remember to water test first). Fringe and ruffles are also very big on the West coast this year, which is definitely something you would rarely see on the East coast. West coast style is a little louder, so you’re going to see a lot more graphics this year out there than on the East coast. Besides flower child prints, fashionistas are rocking all sorts of crazy prints and graphics.

Back to School Trends for Mini Fashionistas

A few weeks ago we looked at back to school trends for high school teens. But what about their younger sisters? I know we have plenty of budding fashionistas who read Fashion Business Today, so here we present some fashion-forward back to school trends for mini fashionistas. These trends are for girls who are daring and love to keep up with current style. In general, there’s one thing to remember – bold colors and patterns are definitely in.

Hot 90’s Chic

Take about 90 minutes to go watch Clueless. We’ll wait. The look that Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher rocks is very much back in. People are taking 90’s prep and grunge looks and turning it upscale. There are some key ingredients to the perfect 90’s look: a crisp, Oxford shirt, a classy blazer with bold coloring, and a patterned mini skirt. Just be sure to read your school’s dress code so your skirt isn’t too high on your legs. Knee high socks will help you stay warm on fall days, and they can be paired with Mary Jane’s or heels. See-through bags are very in this year and go perfectly with this look.

Classic American

One look that’s been building the last couple years is one that’s fun and a little retro (bonus: moms can feel good sending their young fashionistas to school in this look!). You can dress a little more boyish while still looking fab and cute. This look requires you to get a pair of Oxfords—very big this year—and some geeky-chic glasses. You can rock plaid pants or opt for a straight leg jean (high-waisted works too). A plaid or striped top or boyish cardigan in a bold color tops this look.

Glitzy Urban

Taking cues from Rihanna, starlets like Miley Cyrus have been dressing more urban. While Miley tends to look like she’s wearing a big diaper around these days, you can put together a look that’s wild, but works for school. No matter how crazy you go, you always want one article that’s plain and simple to hold it all together. I recommend going for a simple, gray or navy skirt. Now to get a little wild, grab some patterned, platform sneakers and a patterned bomber jacket. Opt for accessories with out-there patterns.


Hot Summer Nail Styles

The nail polish industry has been booming the last few years. I like to think this is because a sleek smart phone has become a girl’s new favorite accessory. When you whip out your iPhone when you’re at a patio lunch with coworkers or out for happy hour cocktails, everyone is going to be looking at your fingers. The next time you’re getting a manicure, be sure to look into these hot summer nail styles.

Hot Manicures for Summer 2013

• Foil Manicure: We could easily see Katy Perry rocking these. With a foil manicure, you get a base coat and then tiny pieces of shiny, rainbow-glistening foil layered on top. It’s basically like a nightclub party happening right on your nails. You can do this yourself, but it might be a bit tricky.

• Holographic Nails: 80s influenced fashion has been back, and now we’ve got holographic nail polish. It’s offered by SuperBlack and comes in five different shades. If you stare hard enough, you might be able to see the future, but most people will think you’re just really trendy. A similar style to try is ultra-glittery nails.

• Japanese Nail Art: Spa Nail is an influential Japanese nail salon chain, and they just opened up their first salon in New York City. Spa Nail is known for turning your nails into artwork. Their basic style is very multi-dimensional and layered adding colors, beads, and crystals. It’s partially inspired by a water painting technique called Tarashikomi. Fashionistas will want to learn where they can get a manicure like this right away, as everyone is going to be rocking these kinds of nails in the next few years.

• Chalkboard Polish: This new style is one of the numerous trends spawned from Pinterest, where making everything look like an old-school chalkboard is in. Now you can do this to your nails. First, a black matte polish is put down and then you or your favorite salon technician use a colored chalk pen to write and doodle on your nails. Finally, it all gets sealed with a topcoat. You can either style your nails to be more childlike or get more provocative.

Back to School Trends for Teens

It feels like summer just began, but school is right around the corner. Time to put away those high-waisted denim cutoffs and head back to the mall for some back to school shopping! We’ve got some insights into back to school trends for teens.

Cute and Casual

I never understood when I went to high school why it had to begin at 7:00 a.m. If you’re feeling like a zombie, we’ve got some ideas to be cute, casual, and a little sporty:

• White Pants: Sure, there’s that no white after Labor Day rule, but white is very in this year. White pants also look clean and fresh even if you don’t do anything else.

• Tote Bags: If your school allows it, tote bags are excellent alternatives to purses and backpacks. Fine one with a cute print to pull together that casual look. One of the benefits of a tote is when it gets dirty, you can hand it to mom to throw in the washer.

• Classic Sneakers: Stay away from clunky tennis shoes and grab a pair of vintage sneakers. Roll up your jeans and show off some fun socks.

• Chunky watches: Borrow a big watch from your dad or brother. You can use this as a solid base for layering or wear it on its own.

Bohemian Chic

This look means wild patterns and lots of floral. My best advice is to keep this look a little modern; don’t go grab your parents’ bellbottoms. You’re looking for loose and flowy tops paired with distressed skinny jeans—faded or ripped—to get a look that has a retro edge, but won’t make you look like you just got out of Woodstock (Google it).

Ankle boots really go well with this look, and you can either go with a flat boot or something with a heel. Another strategy is to get an outfit that’ boyish with a feminine edge. For example, rock a pair of jean shorts built with some lace down the side. For accessories, go to a thrift store looking for some chunky turquoise jewelry and sunglasses with round frames.