Summer Purse Trends

Summer is the best time to buy a new purse. In winter, no one can see your bag in the mess of snow and puffy coats. With everyone showing more skin, people are going to really be looking at you and what’s on your arm. Here’s our guide to summer purse trends for the accessory fashionista.


Small always works best in the summer and mini-bags are very in this year. They’re cute and adorable, especially if you have one that’s nicely detailed. While they are small, you want one that can strike a pose with some attitude.


Totes don’t ever really go out of style because they’re so practical. They’re perfect for going to the beach or taking papers back and forth from the office. Take note that stylish summer totes are smaller and a little classier than those monsters that people lug around in the winter.


Clutches really are the perfect summer purse because they’re adorable and come in such a wide variety. You can find all sorts of clutches in different materials, colors, and sizes. This is especially important because one clutch does not rule them all. For each occasion, you’ll want to pair your outfit with the right clutch. A sleek and small clutch will work wonders at a dinner party, but something more fun and flirty works better on a summer adventure.

Prints and Patterns

Prints are very in this year, but snakeskin has become a big summer 2013 purse trend. It doesn’t get much bolder than this, so only the most daring should try. If you’ve always loved snakeskin, then get one now because these won’t be in style for long.

If snakeskin isn’t your thing, try a less bold print or pattern. Floral prints are very big this year. Make a floral handbag the centerpiece of your outfit by wearing something neutral.

Transparent Bags

Only a daring fashionista would show off what’s in her bag to everyone. Obviously, a transparent bag won’t work all the time, but, for the right occasion, people will be envious of your bold bag. It will also be a lot of fun planning on what you’ll be showcasing.

Where to Get Cool Island Wear Online

This month, I’ve spend a lot of time highlighting summer 2013 trends from shoes to bikinis. There’s nothing more definitively summer than picking up some cool island wear to wear to the beach or on a tropical getaway. Here are a few places to pickup island wear online.

Island Company

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Island Company is one of the fastest growing clothing retailers in the country. Designer Spencer Antle began the company in 2002 when his girlfriend at the time couldn’t find a bikini she liked. While he started with swimwear, it’s now a lifestyle brand with plenty of cool island wear for men and women. I really adore their shirt dresses, which take inspiration from every woman who has ever borrowed a man’s collared shirt. They’re fun, flirty, and very versatile.

Tommy Bahama

When it comes to island wear, most people think of Tommy Bahama. They offer clothing options and a variety of island-living accessories like chairs, umbrellas, and even glassware. While a section on their website is dedicated to all-white options, very big this summer, Tommy Bahama tends to skew to a more conservative, older crowd. They’re also pretty expensive.


I’ve highlighted a few places to get light, tropical day and night wear, but what about when you’re ready to hit the beach? Here are a few tropical online bikini retailers:

  • San Lorenzo: This bikini company started in Lima, Peru, but now has a base of operations in Oahu, Hawaii. They offer a few different styles in a variety of colors. Their suits will have you looking like you’re a native Island dweller.
  • Mila Bikinis: Also based on Oahu, designer Camilia Pires brings inspiration from her native Brazil. They don’t have as many styles as San Lorenzo, but the suits are about half the price. Mila Bikinis also has a few clothing options.
  • Teeny B Bikini Couture: Manufactured in Florida, Teeny B was started by a woman in 2007 who was tired of never finding a bikini that could fit her figure. With the motto “Less fabric, more looks,” the company started making bikinis that could make women feel confident and sexy on the beach. Their smaller suits have made it to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, but they offer plenty of full-coverage bikinis.

Hottest Clothing Colors for Summer

Looking through my summer wardrobe is always a challenge for me. In addition to getting rid of articles that are now completely embarrassing—where did I think I was going to wear this gold lame bodysuit?—considering color is about as crucial as the style of clothes. When you’re deciding what to pack away or what to buy for summer, keep these colors in mind.

All White is Very in This Summer

There are so many silly rules about wearing white, but this year it’s totally in for clothes, shoes, purses, swimsuits, you name it. Stick with solid white or accessorize with a little gold. Wearing all white will make you look like a ghost if you still have a winter complexion, so a trip to the beach is a must before attempting an all-white look.

Stay Classy With Mint Green

Pastels were very big on the runaway earlier this year, especially mint green. This shade is quite versatile and very sophisticated. A summery mint green dress could work both at the office and cocktail parties. Accessorize with more neutral pastel colors.

Go Bold With Neon and Hot Pink

A throwback to the 90s and 80s, bold neons are very in this year. Daring fashionistas should try for clashing tones and accessories. If you’re on the more timid side, then neon yellow will let you still try out this fashion trend without much discomfort.

Hot pink is another bold color choice this year, as this fantastic color works no matter your skin tone. If dressing from head to toe is too feminine for you, work in a bit of pink makeup this summer.

Blue Always Works

If you’re looking through your closet or want to buy something that will stay in style, blue always works well. You can wear blue pretty much anywhere and look fabulous. Blue looks best when paired with yellow, red, or something off-white.

Prints and Floral Patterns

Don’t be afraid to go beyond just bold colors. Floral prints are very in this year. You can stick with just one print for your outfit or even contrast garden prints if you’re bold. So-called “ugly cute” clashing prints have also stayed around from last summer. Prints are even wilder this year with awesome color combinations, geometric zig-zags, and animal patterns.

2013 Summer Swimsuits

Summer weather is here, and it’s time to hit the beach! Before getting a tan, it’s important to take a look at your swimsuits. Many have likely fallen out of fashion since you bought them; I finally had to say goodbye to my denim tankini from 2005. Others likely have worn out from pool chlorine and repeated washing. Wearing a swimsuit can be nerve wracking for many ladies, and it doesn’t help when your bottoms look like a saggy diaper. Don’t worry, though. We’ve assembled a list of hot 2013 summer swimsuit trends.

Your Guide to Beach Season

  • Color Blocking: A runway trend for years, color-blocked suits are big this summer. These are sportier and great for women who need more support than those skimpy triangle tops. Don’t be afraid to be bold and embrace color-blocked prints.
  • Crochet Accents: These are loved by bohemian girls like Vanessa Hudgens. Fight the urge to go full-on hippie with minimal accessories. Be sure to water test these, too; it’s probably best to avoid any crocheted bikini tops you see on Etsy.
  • Cutouts: one-piece cutouts have been a trend for a few years now, and they’re still hot. These are perfect for anyone who wants to strike a sexy beach pose, but maybe isn’t comfortable with showing everything off in a tiny bikini. You may not want to wear these all the time, though, as you can wind up with some strange tan lines.
  • Graphic One-Piece: One-pieces with photorealistic designs are super big this year. Vendors like Black Milk Clothing have bikinis with galaxies, Gameboys, and even Darth Vader. Don’t be afraid to get crazy!
  • Vintage Look: Retro-inspired swimsuits continue to be in this summer. Going with one-pieces, a swimsuit with boyish leg holes and a pushup top can actually be very sexy as long as you have a good cut and a fun print. Another option that’s popular this summer is a high-waisted bikini. These are perfect for people who want stomach coverage, but feel dowdy wearing a one piece.
  • All White: Wearing all white is incredibly in this year in all levels of fashion. Going all white or accenting with a bit of gold will turn you into an alluring beach goddess. This can be bad if you’re pale as a ghost, so catch some sun before trying it out. Like the crochet bikinis, you also want to test out a white swimsuit, unless see-through is what you’re going for.