Hairstyles: Looking great on a budge

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The price of hair maintenance is always rising, which makes keeping up appearances difficult for females. A cut and style by a local beauty shop can cost as much as $100 depending on factors such as coloring and relaxing. The following are three ideas for women who would like to save money on their hair care. All three styles are easy to maintain, and they have a special element of allure.

The Female Buzz Cut

The female buzz cut is easy to maintain, and it costs less than $20. In fact, a woman who has a keen sense of precision could apply this style to herself. Many female celebrities have tried this hot new style, and they have received mixed responses from the masses. Examples of celebrities who have tried the buzz cut are Demi Moore, Sinead O’Connor, Charlize Theron, Amber Rose, Grace Jones and more. The success of a female buzz cut depends on several factors such as the femininity of the female’s facial features and the size and shape of her head. Not every female can wear a buzz cut gracefully. Unfortunately, the only way one can find out is by trying it.

The Ponytail

The ponytail is one of the oldest and most elegant hairstyles in the world. Any woman with more than a few inches of hair can purchase rubber bands or colorful ouchless ties to hold her hair neatly in place. A ponytail can bring out a woman’s beautiful eyes or other facial features that long bangs and thick hair can sometimes hide. Just like the buzz cut, however, the ponytail requires a specific facial shape and size to carry over correctly. A ponytail is best for women with small foreheads and petite features. As far as frugality goes, the ponytail is one of the leading styles. The styling time takes less than two minutes, and the costs never go beyond the price of mousse and bands.

The Homemade Curly Q

Foam rollers can do wonders for a woman with long, short or medium hair. Women who like luxurious curls can learn to create their own homemade curly Q style. The style requires enough foam rollers to cover their heads and some wrapping or setting lotion to keep the curls firm. Some women can create the style by wetting their hair and then rolling it. Every morning, such females could take out their rollers and use their hands to separate the curls into the styles they desire.

Beautiful hair does not have to be expensive. Many women are resorting to frugal styles to help them stay within their budgets.

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Fashion Staples: Why some men’s looks never get old

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Guys, let’s face it, you should really care about what you wear, your overall wardrobe and trying to look as stylish at possible no matter your age.

The harsh reality, however, is that men might be more inclined to muddle through fashion or start heading in the wrong direction when it comes to what they’re wearing. No one wants to hear your argument about how socks with sandals isn’t that bad or your cut off T shirt works for you, even though you haven’t done a bicep curl since the 1980s.

That said, you probably have something in that black hole that is your closet that still works and is considered a timeless piece of fashion for men. If you don’t have these, you might want to consider building your wardrobe with these pieces as your backbone.

And for those of you thinking that this must have, timeless list is going to only include dress clothes or things you don’t wear on a daily basis, think again. That old, tired gray hooded sweatshirt probably needs pitched in the garbage, particularly if it is riddled with paint stains or rips. But a classic, clean looking hooded sweatshirt can be paired with delectable denim and some throwback sneakers for a superb look that you can rock no matter if you’re in your 20s or pushing 50.

Speaking of denim, your jeans aren’t going anywhere, any time soon. That being said, leave the stone washed or flared bottoms in the closet for good and instead find a boot cut or relaxed fit jean that does wonders for your style sense. Guys wearing jeans that are too tight and tapered leg is not a good combination. That style is more for young adults and teens, so if you’re in your mid 30s, steer clear of that look.

Polo shirts, sweaters and jackets are a little tougher sledding for some guys, since there is such an array of options. As far as sweaters, stick with the crew neck fare and skip the V neck, unless you’re upper torso is V shaped as well.
In terms of outerwear, the traditional pea coat is a winter wonder and marvel, and won’t make you look like you’re packing on the holiday pounds. It’s a sleeker, better look overall than the ubiquitous ski jacket and lift ticket stubs hanging from your zipper.

The polo shirt is fairly acceptable in most forms or fashion, but don’t just gravitate toward darker colors but rather mix and match with blues, greens and even a pink here and there.

These suggestions could save you from wearing the absolute wrong thing or just allow you to start from scratch and salvage what little style you have left.

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The Price of Celebrity Clothing

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Fans see celebrities in dazzling dresses, outrageous hairstyles and sparkling jewelry and they wonder how much celebs spend to look so gorgeous. The truth is that celebrities have seemingly endless supplies of cash, and therefore, they can buy clothes as if they are buying candy at a candy store. The following are the prices of some celebrity clothing and accessories:


Beyoncé wore a Balenciaga outfit to the BET Awards a while back that was so tight she could hardly breathe in it. The outfit consisted of a pair of leggings and a matching top. She had a pair of high-heeled golden boots on to match it. She spent over $100,000 for this one suit. While it was lovely indeed, most people’s entire wardrobes do not even cost a fraction of what she spent on one little sexy suit.

Emme Anthony

Adult celebrities are not the only ones who wear expensive clothing and accessories. Emme Anthony, daughter of Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony, was spotted a few years ago wearing a $300 dress with a purse that was worth $2,100. Suri Cruise, who is the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, has been spotted wearing outfits of the $600 persuasion.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is constantly in the news for getting into mischief with the police and such. However, he always manages to be highly fashionable no matter what he does. Justin is quite possibly the biggest spender as far as wardrobe goes. Just one of his shirts costs approximately $5,000. His pants and shoes are around the same price. The real gem is the necklace that he wears to special occasions. His Stewie necklace is one of his prize possessions, and it cost him $25,000 to have custom made. Not to mention his diamond earrings and his fancy haircut. A full Justin Beiber outfit cost approximately $40,000, and he can spend that much on his clothing any day of the week.

Celebrities spend thousands of dollars on their clothing so that they can present themselves in a fashionable light. Their hair stylist earn more than $10,00 per day trying adorn them with the most elite styles. Some celebrities may go overboard with the spending, but it is well worth the wow effect that they have on the masses. They only live once, and many of them are trying to enjoy every moment of their lives.

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Save More Using JCP Coupons

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Shoppers spend millions of dollars at JC Penney each quarter. A more popular department store might not exist. Of course, the company sells clothing for both men and women. Everything from casual to formal attire is available. Consumers tend to spend a lot of money at this particular retailer. Fortunately, they can lower their expenses by utilizing JCPenney Coupons. Such coupons are widely available.

For instance, JCP coupons are often available through ads produced by the company. These advertisements are often found on the retailer’s website along with multiple coupons. Coupons tend to change from week to week, so consumers need to act quickly. Otherwise, they might miss out on great opportunities. JCPenney coupons are often found in the Sunday newspaper, too. Some online coupons are regularly listed online for use through the company’s website.

In the end, JCPenney coupons are widely available today. An individual can save hundreds each year by using these JCP coupons. Too many people pass on them, assuming they won’t save that much money. However, nobody should miss out on this opportunity in today’s world. Clothing can be expensive, but coupons help lower JC Penney’s already low prices. Anyone can take advantage of these coupons.

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JCPenney Promo Codes – It’s Not Too Late

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So here we are, almost to Christmas. It’s not too late to get those clothes you want for the kids or the husband. We’ve been very impressed with the new lineup at JCPenney. In fact, their new standard pricing on mens, womens and childrens clothes is proving to be a hit during the holiday shopping season.

If you are going to do some last minute online shopping on JCP online, get a promo code first to save some dollars. In fact, if you get over to now, you can probably still get shipping to your home in time for Christmas.


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Tweed Returns for Fall Fashions

Tweed Returns for Fall Fashions

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Fashionistas, I had a great time helping you with trends this summer. Labor day is right around the corner, and now it’s time to put away the color-blocked bikinis and those white pants. Fall is approaching and that means changing the wardrobe. Fortunately, fall doesn’t have to be a drab season. It’s a time of contrasting style where people can have a little fun before winter weather hits. This year, one of the trends to look out for: tweed.

Embrace UK Fashion

To get a little technical, tweed is a type of wool. It’s a little rough, but it’s purposely unfinished to make it quite flexible. It can be plain, though; when most Americans think of tweed we picture a patterned look with subtle, interwoven colors. Right now you’re likely thinking of Sherlock Holmes and Victorian England.

Tweed became popular in England, Scotland, and Ireland for outdoor sports. The trend has cycled in and out of American fashion for decades, and now it’s back again.

Tweed Looks to Try

  • Academic: Traditional menswear prints besides tweed are very in this year, lending itself to an academic look. Pair a tweed cardigan with a pair of Oxfords or try a tweed pleated skirt and embrace your inner Catholic schoolgirl. You can look book smart or cute and flirty when pulling off the academic look.
  • Capes: Look out Count Dracula, capes are back in. Wearing a cape hasn’t been a thing since the 1960s, but now designers like Valentino and Jill Stuart are featuring capes in their fall lines. Try a plain cape over your tweed outfit on a chilly day.
  • Oversized Coats: People are still wearing very fitted clothes, but any sort of coat this year is going to be on the big size. Finding a tweed jacket won’t be hard or, if you like, just find a coat to accent your tweed skirt.
  • Hats: Here’s another accessory for you. To complete your British-inspired look, why not throw a hat on? Fedoras and bowler hats are both very hot this year. You can feel like you’re a member of the Downton Abbey cast while looking cute and trendy.
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Color Blocking is Staying Popular This Fall

Color Blocking is Staying Popular This Fall

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This summer, one of the hottest trends has been color blocking. Even the fraternity brothers you saw wearing sweatpants to class everyday in college are rocking a pair of salmon pants. Color blocking isn’t going away and will only be getting bigger this fall.

Color Blocking for Beginners

While color blocking is a must for any fashionista, it can be a pretty scary trend. Color blocking requires you to be bold, flashy, and draw lots of attention. If you are concerned about looking like a circus clown, start small. When you begin color blocking, start off by Googling the color wheel. Stay safe by going with colors you know are complimentary or colors that are in the same general family. Something you can also do is go with neutral colors paired with some bold metallic accessories.

Color Blocking Looks to Try

• Denim: Colored denim pants are everywhere these days and one of the hottest color blocked looks. Grab your pants and throw on a light-blue shirt and some neutral flats. You’re going to look really hot.
• Color Blocking at Work: I’ve worked in offices before where they want no-nonsense attire. You may have to tone it down, but color blocking can make work a little more cheerful. Mix a sleek, black look with some bursts of color. The black will keep the color toned down and professional, but still offer some fun.
• Clashing: This is a look to be tried only by seasonal color blockers. Grab two hues of the same color that are just slightly off from one another. You can add bold accessories to make this look even fiercer.
• Prints: Graphic, eye-catching prints are also big this year. You can combine two trends in one for a radical outfit. You want to start with the graphic piece and then choose colors to block it with. Neon and citrus tend to go great with prints. Since your clothes will be very bold, you’ll want to keep accessories and your makeup rather minimal.
• Pastels: A more basic color method is to block pastels with darker shades. This can work well at work or be used for a striking fall look.

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