Three Top Luxury Fashion Brands in 2015

Luxury fashion items are quite tempting for consumers who have generous incomes and earnings. Shopping for some of the top clothing and accessories can give a shopping fan a thrill. The following are three of the top luxury fashion brands in the world. An interested person can search for high-end apparel from any of these designers:


The Italian company, Gucci, is still one of the top performing companies in the fashion business. Gucci came into existence in 1921, and the company has been steadily producing high-end items such as handbags, shoes, clothing and the like. Gucci recently released a gorgeous collection of interlocking polished leather shoulder bags. These gorgeous bags come in colors such as yellow, orange, pink and blue. The handbags are sturdy, sleek and soft. Their price tag is $2,100.


Christian Dior founded the Dior company in 1946. His dream was to express his artwork in such a way that it could benefit other people. Instead of becoming a diplomat, Christian went on to create the fashion powerhouse known today as Dior. The company offers a wide range of jewelry, shoes, makeup and skincare products. The Lady Dior collection is full of dazzling dresses and fabulous handbags. The Sequined Jacquard is one of gorgeous handbags in the collection.


Burberry is the top fashion designer in the world according to a lineup arranged by Wonderslist. Burberry was established as a fashion house all the way back in the 1800s, and the company is still creating products that amaze the world. Burberry has many stores all over the world, and it offers a wide range of products for men and women. The Heritage Trench Coats are popular items for Burberry.

The Lady Sandringham trench coat is specially crafted to fit a woman’s waist precisely. The coat comes in colors such as honey, stone and black. The sizes are long, short and medium. The price of the coat is $1,695, and women can accessorize it with a number of accent scarfs. The company offers a long line of cashmere scarfs for prices that range from $475 to $995. Some of the colors from which the woman can choose include colors such as red, white and gray. Consumers can choose plain colors or plaid designs.

Shoppers can visit any of the sites mentioned above for a high-end experience. All of the fashion designers on the list are experts in providing high-quality materials.


The Best of High End Shoes in Spring 2015

Women are natural lovers of shoes, and many of them like to keep up with the latest shoe trends. High-end shoes have a habit of boosting the female morale in a way that leaves her coming back every new season to purchase the latest releases. High-end shoe manufacturers are always developing shoes that outperform the previous pair. The following are three new high-end shoe styles that will surely leave a dent in the fashion industry:

High-Heeled Shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti has been creating high-end shoes for more than 20 years. His latest collection of stellar women’s footwear includes a high-heeled masterpiece that is simply known by the number E50394. The E50394 shoe is elegantly crafted of genuine leather that complements the stiletto heel. The heel height is over 4 inches, which is an excellent height for women who want to receive a temporary sense of elevation. The woman’s toe will be enclosed in a blue overlap, and the back will be enclosed in leather. The price tag on the E50394 model is $1,695, and the company provides free shipping.

Gucci flats are for women who do not appreciate the feel of the high-heeled shoe. Flats are more affordable than stilettos are, but they still have a large amount of elegance. The Microguccissima shoe is a comfortable flat that can fit any occasion. The materials are crafted in Italy, and the shoes have rubber bottoms and a cord platform. The shoes retail for $395, and a woman can order them in beige, raspberry or black. They are suitable for casual dinners, business meetings, church gatherings and more. In fact, their versatility is one of the main reasons that women seek them frequently.

Versace Ankle Boots With Plexi Cut

The Versace boots with the Plexi cut are an innovative mix of stability and transparency. They have a slightly futuristic look to them, which makes them quite appealing. The boots are uniquely designed with a front zipper, a clear platform and a clear high heel. The rest of the boot displays square openings that will expose the woman’s skin or stockings. The shiny texture of the boots make them elegant and desirable. The price tag on the Plexi Cut ankle boots is $2,525, and they come in only one color.

The previously mentioned are only the beginning of the many offerings that manufacturers will present in the near future.


Designers Cash in on New High-End Handbags

A woman’s handbag is something that she will carry with her through various life tasks. She will have her handbag with her when she goes to her job, the grocery store, the gym and more. She will rely on her handbag so much that she will not want to have an unattractive bag. She will choose a bag that is visually comfortable and highly fashionable. The following are three popular high-end hand bags for women:

Pebble Grain Olivia

The Pebble Grain Olivia handbag is a vibrant bag that sells for $248 on the Dooney & Bourke website. The handbag comes in a fascinating yellow color that can brighten anyone’s day. The female would be constantly delighted and uplifted if she chose to carry such a handbag with her on a daily basis.

Pebble Grain Small Lexington

The Pebble Grain Small Lexington handbag is a smaller bag for women who do not want to carry a great deal of bulk. The handbag retails for $148 online, and a woman can order it in a wide variety of exciting colors. Some of the colors that this nifty handbag comes in are Plum, Geranium, Mustard, Tan, Cranberry, Taupe, Smoke, Dark Grey and more.

Beautiful Flowers

The Bag, Borrow or Steal website has a gorgeous flower-covered Luis Vuitton handbag. The bag has a black background with an assortment of colorful flowers on the front. The name of the bag is the Neverfull MM Tote Bag. The cost of the bag is $2,195.

Rayure Clutch

The Rayure Clutch bag is an interesting bag by Louis Vuitton. A woman could wear the bag with just about any clothing ensemble. The bag carries a strong air of elegance because of its metal trimmings and dark, majestic colors. The price of the bag is $1,850.

Jackie Leather Bucket Bag

The Jackie Leather Bucket Bag is an attractive bag that a woman can find at the Gucci website. The bag comes in an assortment of refreshing colors such as orange, red, blue and brown. The bag is crafted of soft grain leather, and it displays an assortment of elegant antique gold hardware. The price of this gorgeous bag is $2,600.

Handbags are a woman’s most important accessory sometimes. Therefore, she should conduct thorough research before she decides which handbag is best. She will want to take an inventory of the clothing colors that she mostly wears. From there, she can decide on an effective handbag shade.

2015: Three Winter Coats for Women

The cold weather can be harsh on either gender, but it seems as the cold air affects women more than it affects men. Therefore, finding the best winter coat is important for women. Women must have winter coats that provide extra insulation and materials that can deflect cold air when it snaps their way. The following are some suggestions for a woman who wants to stay warm:
Patagonia Prow Down Jacket

The Patagonia Prow Down Jacket sells for a little under $200 at Dick’s Sporting Goods. The jacket is amazing for the wintertime because of its thickness and its style. The jacket is insulated with super-soft down that provides a sturdy layer of protection against harsh wins. The down filling seals in the woman’s heat and keep cold air out.

The outside of the jacket is waterproof, which means the rain will not enter. Another interested feature that this jacket has is a neckpiece that fits all the way up the wearer’s neck. The neckpiece eliminates the need for a scarf because it shields the neck from the elements. The consumer can purchase the jacket in a dark currant color, and sizes range from small to extra-large.

Women’s Leather Bomber

Bomber jackets are great for women because the leather in them can deflect wind perfectly. A woman can find the Marc New York Leather Bomber w/Puffy Detail at Wilson’s leather for $299. The jacket has been marked down 70 percent. The jacket is made of genuine leather as well as polyester, cotton and spandex. The style of the piece makes it compatible with denim jeans.

Hooded Down Coat

Hooded coats are always best because they offer a crown of protection over the head. A shopper can find the Taryn Hooded Down Coat on sale for less than $150. Consumers have rated the Taryn Hooded Down Coat with four stars out of five for its comfort, style and effectiveness in cold weather. The coat is crafted of water resistant nylon and down, which provides it with the ultimate mixture of winter armor. The best thing about this coat is that the owner can easily wash in the machine for future wear.

A variety of winter coats is available online. It is up to each woman to ensure that she finds reliable outerwear that can keep her warm for years to come.


Oscar Night: The Elegant and the Awkward

Oscar night is a night when actors and actresses find out how much their performances affected the world. They show their appreciation for their nominations by coming to the event in stunning clothing. However, some of the attendants end up bordering on the side of awkward with their outfits. The following are examples of celebrities that wore elegant attire and a few that wore awkward attire:

Blanca Blanco: The Walking Flame

Blanca Blanco wore a long red dress with an overabundance of ruffles. She had an upswept hairstyle and minimum makeup. Her dress would fit the awkward description because it resembled a life-sized flame from a glance.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Elegantly Girly

Some people did not find Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress elegant, but it represented the utmost innocent and girly elegance. She wore a long pink dress with a pink rose on the left shoulder. Her hair was flowing downward, and her earrings illuminated her beautiful smile. Her outfit was completely girly, which was quite becoming of her. Therefore, her attire should go in the elegant section.

Jared Leto: Awkwardly Unkempt

Jared Leto showed up in a periwinkle colored tuxedo, which is awkward in itself, but that does not describe the depth of his awkwardness during the awards ceremony. He left his hair hanging down, and he arrived with an untrimmed beard, as well. His look would go on the awkward side because it cannot be placed in an elegant side in good conscience.

Meryl Streep: Elegant as Usual

Meryl Streep pulled off an elegant ensemble. She wore a classy black and white pantsuit, and she had an upswept hairstyle that revealed her youthful look. Meryl Streep always seems to pull off a totally classy look no matter where she goes.

Naomi Watts: The Elegance of Gray

Naomi Watts carried herself in an elegant fashion. She was wearing a Bandeau dress that was gray and black. The dress was not overly loose or overly tight. The back was out, but it still managed to have a prestigious allure. Some of the celebrities had no modesty to the clothing that they wore to the ceremony.

Awards ceremonies are crucial events for stars. Actors and actresses will always be critiqued when they appear at special events. Therefore, they should always put on their best ensemble because they never know when someone will place them in an unfavorable category.


Women Celebrities Setting Fashion Trends Going into 2015

Celebrity fashion trends spark the interest of the everyday consumer. The fashion trends give consumers an idea of what they should wear to important events. The following are some trends that female celebrities exhibited in 2014. They will continue to grow in popularity in 2015:


Suspenders have had their in times and their out times over the years. They made a huge comeback in 2012, and they are once again popular in 2014. Celebrities such as Zoe Saldana, Selena Gomez and Danielle Bernstein have rocked suspenders during the 2014 season. Suspenders are flexible accessories that come in a wide variety of colors and designs. They can turn a plain outfit into a preppy outfit, or they can add some flavor to a denim and boot outfit. Hanging suspenders and criss cross suspenders will be popular in the New Year.

Pixie Hair Cuts

Pixie haircuts blossomed in early 2014, and they are going to boom into the 2015 season. Celebrities such as Halle Berry, Miley Cirus, Jennifer Lawrence and many others have indulged in the pixie cuts for 2014. The actress by the name of Jean Seberg was one of the first people to wear a pixie cut in 1960. Twiggy, Mia Farrow and Goldie Hawn sported the hairstyle in the late 60s. Liza Minnelli rocked a pixie in the 70s, and Madonna sported one in the 80s. The 90s pixie cut girls included Winona Ryder and Gwyneth Paltrow. Natalie Portman wore one in the 2000s. The pixie cut has been around for a long time, and it will continue to make a mark in 2015.

Retro Wear

Female celebrities such as Suki Waterhouse have brought the 1960s back to life by putting together modded outfits. An example of one outfit that Suki Waterhouse wore is a blue jumper with geek glasses and a fuzzy blue retro shirt. Going back to the 60s and earlier is a move that many celebrities make to break free from the everyday modern trends. Retro wear can consist of thick glasses, plaid pants, butterfly collars and the like. The style seems to be here to stay for the female celebrities of 2015.

The 2015 year is going to be ripe with new trends and styles. The aforementioned trends were just the tip of the iceberg of what people will see in the fashion world for the New Year.


Popular Kids Sneakers That Fit the Budget

Millions of children’s shoes sell in the world every day. In fact, the children’s shoe industry is one of the most successful industries because children are constantly growing. Parents of school-age children have to purchase their children shoes constantly for church, school and playtime activities. The task can become expensive with all the competition that exists in today’s world. The following are some popular children’s shoes that are not too heavy on the wallet. Frugal parents can choose some shoes from this list if they want to maintain fashion without emptying their wallets:

Boy’s Airwalk Rec Skate Shoes

Skate shoes are extremely popular in modern society. Parents can grab hold of a pair of Airwalk Rec skate shoes for $22.99. The shoes are made of canvas material, and they come in an attractive black, white and lime arrangement. Payless Shoe Source offers them at their amazingly low price. Payless offers a promotional code that extends a 20 percent discount to its customers, as well.

Starter Harrison Fastener Sneakers

The Starter Boy’s Harrison Fastener sneakers are amazing because of their low price and their fastener feature. Parents can purchase a pair of these shoes for less than $10 for children who do not want to tie their shoes. The Fastener sneakers come in a navy, black and yellow arrangement, and they have a padded collar and footbed. Additionally, the sneakers have a mesh lining and a TPR sole. Walmart sells them at their location.

Reebok Kids Royal Alparez Sneakers

The 6PM website is an amazing place for finding deals on kid’s shoes. The site offers the Reebok Kids Royal Alparez sneakers in “happy” and “ultima” arrangements. The “happy” sneakers are a mixture of pink, white, metallic gold and Reebok Royal. The “ultima” pair is a mixture of purple, white, gold metallic and Reebok Royal. Both pairs can add a vibrant flair to a little girl’s wardrobe. The site is currently selling the shoes for $32.99.

Nike KD7

The Nike KD7 sneakers are available at Footlocker, and they are for parents who have a price range of over $100. The mesh shoes have an attractive aqua blue color with hints of yellow and black. They are new to the market, and consumers have rated them with five stars for their durability, quality and attractive color. The current price for the KD7 sneakers is $114.

Parents can search for coupons and promotional codes to provide them with additional discounts on sneakers for their children. The Internet contains a wealth of printable coupons and beneficial codes.

Brands of Sneakers that Mesh Style with Comfort

Sneakers are fun items for people of all ages to purchase. So many brands exist that it can be hard for a person to decide which style to sport. Current sneaker trends indicate that canvas, classics, and colors galore is the way to go for sneaker selections. The following are some of the best sneakers for people who are currently shopping for a new pair:

Canvas Converse All Stars

The canvas Converse All Star line-up has been rocking the nation for decades. Consumers can still find a myriad of low-cut and high-top All Stars of various colors at any participating sneaker retailer. Teens love them because of their vibrant colors, and adults love them for their comfort and nostalgic feel. Some of the colors available are pink, Celtic green, chocolate, bronze, white and burnt umber. The Canvas Converse All Star sneakers can complete any clothing color theme that a person can imagine.

Reebok Freestyle Hi for Women

The Reebok Freestyle Hi and Princess Cut sneakers are some of the most comfortable sneakers on the market. Walking in those sneakers is similar to walking on a cloud. Additionally, the Freestyle and Princess sneakers have an element of class. A woman can wear them to the gym and still get away with wearing them to work. Furthermore, this classic sneaker comes in white and black, which can go with any outfit.

DC Skate Shoes

Skate shoes are popular among teenagers and some adults who appreciate their fashion flair. DC makes several attractive skate shoes such as the plum colored DC Chelsea for women and the men’s Court Graffik SE pair. DC has an extensive line of unique and attractive leisure footwear. The company is in strong competition with the Vans company for the most fashion-friendly skate shoes on the market.

Nike Air Jordan Fusion 4

The Nike Air Jordan Fusion 4 sneakers are not the typical basketball shoes. They combine the features of several sneakers to create a comfortable and sturdy sneaker with a distinct look. The black and white Fusion 4 sneakers are elegant enough to wear with business casual attire, and the alternative colors can certainly go on a man’s feet for a first date. The most popular colors are the prominently white ones and the prominently red ones.

Manufacturers will always crank out new sneakers, but the ones mentioned in this piece will withstand the test of time and keep dazzling new generations of sneaker lovers.

Hairstyles: Looking great on a budge

The price of hair maintenance is always rising, which makes keeping up appearances difficult for females. A cut and style by a local beauty shop can cost as much as $100 depending on factors such as coloring and relaxing. The following are three ideas for women who would like to save money on their hair care. All three styles are easy to maintain, and they have a special element of allure.

The Female Buzz Cut

The female buzz cut is easy to maintain, and it costs less than $20. In fact, a woman who has a keen sense of precision could apply this style to herself. Many female celebrities have tried this hot new style, and they have received mixed responses from the masses. Examples of celebrities who have tried the buzz cut are Demi Moore, Sinead O’Connor, Charlize Theron, Amber Rose, Grace Jones and more. The success of a female buzz cut depends on several factors such as the femininity of the female’s facial features and the size and shape of her head. Not every female can wear a buzz cut gracefully. Unfortunately, the only way one can find out is by trying it.

The Ponytail

The ponytail is one of the oldest and most elegant hairstyles in the world. Any woman with more than a few inches of hair can purchase rubber bands or colorful ouchless ties to hold her hair neatly in place. A ponytail can bring out a woman’s beautiful eyes or other facial features that long bangs and thick hair can sometimes hide. Just like the buzz cut, however, the ponytail requires a specific facial shape and size to carry over correctly. A ponytail is best for women with small foreheads and petite features. As far as frugality goes, the ponytail is one of the leading styles. The styling time takes less than two minutes, and the costs never go beyond the price of mousse and bands.

The Homemade Curly Q

Foam rollers can do wonders for a woman with long, short or medium hair. Women who like luxurious curls can learn to create their own homemade curly Q style. The style requires enough foam rollers to cover their heads and some wrapping or setting lotion to keep the curls firm. Some women can create the style by wetting their hair and then rolling it. Every morning, such females could take out their rollers and use their hands to separate the curls into the styles they desire.

Beautiful hair does not have to be expensive. Many women are resorting to frugal styles to help them stay within their budgets.

Fashion Staples: Why some men’s looks never get old

Guys, let’s face it, you should really care about what you wear, your overall wardrobe and trying to look as stylish at possible no matter your age.

The harsh reality, however, is that men might be more inclined to muddle through fashion or start heading in the wrong direction when it comes to what they’re wearing. No one wants to hear your argument about how socks with sandals isn’t that bad or your cut off T shirt works for you, even though you haven’t done a bicep curl since the 1980s.

That said, you probably have something in that black hole that is your closet that still works and is considered a timeless piece of fashion for men. If you don’t have these, you might want to consider building your wardrobe with these pieces as your backbone.

And for those of you thinking that this must have, timeless list is going to only include dress clothes or things you don’t wear on a daily basis, think again. That old, tired gray hooded sweatshirt probably needs pitched in the garbage, particularly if it is riddled with paint stains or rips. But a classic, clean looking hooded sweatshirt can be paired with delectable denim and some throwback sneakers for a superb look that you can rock no matter if you’re in your 20s or pushing 50.

Speaking of denim, your jeans aren’t going anywhere, any time soon. That being said, leave the stone washed or flared bottoms in the closet for good and instead find a boot cut or relaxed fit jean that does wonders for your style sense. Guys wearing jeans that are too tight and tapered leg is not a good combination. That style is more for young adults and teens, so if you’re in your mid 30s, steer clear of that look.

Polo shirts, sweaters and jackets are a little tougher sledding for some guys, since there is such an array of options. As far as sweaters, stick with the crew neck fare and skip the V neck, unless you’re upper torso is V shaped as well.
In terms of outerwear, the traditional pea coat is a winter wonder and marvel, and won’t make you look like you’re packing on the holiday pounds. It’s a sleeker, better look overall than the ubiquitous ski jacket and lift ticket stubs hanging from your zipper.

The polo shirt is fairly acceptable in most forms or fashion, but don’t just gravitate toward darker colors but rather mix and match with blues, greens and even a pink here and there.

These suggestions could save you from wearing the absolute wrong thing or just allow you to start from scratch and salvage what little style you have left.